ChordMusic Digital

What’s at the heart of your system?  Increasingly it’s a DAC, with a CD transport, streamer or dedicated audiophile hard drive and a USB, so you can connect a computer too. There are some wonderful concerts on You Tube and while sound quality is never going to be great, it’s always going to sound better through the hi-fi rather than the laptop

ChordMusic streaming cable

Nigel Finn: “We listen to every ChordMusic cable before it’s packed. Alan was checking a ChordMusic streaming cable. I walked in just as he’d connected a Sarum Super ARAY streaming cable, so I sat in and listened, thinking the system sounded great. Then he put the ChordMusic streaming cable in.. “

ChordMusic AES/EBU

ChordMusic AES/EBU - a dedicated digital XLR connection, should your equipment have this particular option.

ChordMusic speaker cable

ChordMusic speaker cable isn’t just the first to use Taylon® insulation, it’s also the first speaker cable to feature the adapted Tuned ARAY conductor configuration.  The resulting high degree of clarity and transparency makes it possible to hear extra coherence and detail.

Silent Mount SM5 stainless steel speaker/rack isolation mounts 50mm

4 x 50mm stainless steel spike mounts for racks or loudspeakers. Hand crafted in Japan.

Silent Mount SM7 stainless steel speaker isolation mounts 70mm

4 x 70mm stainless steel spike mounts for speakers. Hand crafted in Japan.

Silent Mount SM5 titanium isolation rack mounts 50mm

4 x 50mm titanium spike mounts for lightweight racks and components. Hand crafted in Japan