Product review: Chord Signature Reference/XL speaker cable - Hi-Fi World Oct 2018

this set of cables provides a splendid array of sonic highlights that provides fine transparency

Product review: Shawline ShawCan headphone cable - Hi-Fi+ / The Absolute Sound - Ultimate Headphone Guide 2018

" Vocals are lifelike and very realistic in tonality and scale. In short, ShawCan offers more performance than it has a right to at its price."

Product review: Shawline Power Chord - Hi-Fi Choice 438 July 2018

“I connect the Shawline to my phono stage preamp and there is no real evidence of mains-borne interference – something I am often aware of when using standard ‘kettle leads’.” “The tonal complexities of the instrument really come to life in my listening room with the Shawline installed. This is an excellent power cable that...

Product review (cable loom group test) - Chord Shawline: Hi-Fi Choice April 2018

you can put any type of music through it and it’s still enjoyable

Best Buys - Chord C-screen & Clearway speaker cable: What Hi-Fi? March 2018

Chord Company C-screen & Clearway speaker cables - What Hi-Fi? Best Buys March 2018

Product review: Chord C-screen speaker cable - What Hi-Fi? Mar 2018

"The C-Screen offers your system the signature Chord Company sound on a tighter budget than the Award-winning Clearway. Another class leader"

Product review: Chord ChordMusic - Hi-Fi+ Magazine March 2018

ChordMusic has a natural quality of vocal texture and instrumental timbre that can be beguiling

Product review: Chord Sarum T - Audio Cinema em Casa Magazine, Portugal Feb 2018

Chord Sarum T reviewed in Audio Cinema em Casa magazine, Portugal. Awarded Product of the Year 2017 “Embora não se possa dizer que cabos com preços que rondam os 2000 euros são necessariamente baratos, tenho que reconhecer que, quando se faz o balanço entre qualidades intrínsecas e preço, os Sarum T não ficam nada mal....