Product review: Chord Clearway Analogue RCA - What Hi-Fi? 5 STARS Sept 2017

“If you’re spending hard-earned cash on hi-fi components, you’ll want cabling that doesn’t inhibit their performance. Chord’s Clearway might be ideal”  What Hi-Fi?  

Product review: Chord C-USB digital interconnect cable - Hi-Fi Choice 427

“I use the C-USB to connect a Windows PC to my Alpha Design Labs GT40a (HFC 399), which is acting as a DAC for playing music files on my computer through my hi-fi. When I play a hi-res 24/192 PCM file of The Locrian Ensemble of London playing the Rondo from Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik,...

Product review: Chord Sarum T - Speaker Shack July 2017

“This is one Outstanding Product which deserves all the praise it can get and Chord have really pushed the envelope of R&D to another level.“ Read the full review here Sarum T product info here    

Product review: Chord Sarum T (& system) Hi-Fi+ 147 - May 2017

"This cable really lets the signal breathe, pushing the musical performance to the fore and the system itself well into the background"

Product review: Chord C-series, Shawline, Epic, Power Chord - Gadgety News Mar 2017

“I am not an ‘audiophile’. However, for the past 29 years I have been writing, performing and recording in many bands of different genres at different levels. I have a decent ear, two even, and that’s all I am going by. After all, that’s also how I buy my kit. If it sounds better than...

Product review: Chord Clearway Analogue RCA interconnect – Hi-Fi Choice 420

“HAND BUILT IN Wiltshire, The Chord Company’s Clearway interconnect uses the maker’s proprietary ARAY technology like the C-Line RCA interconnect (HFC 403). This was originally developed for its flagship Sarum range and was designed to offer improvements in detail and transparency. Building on the C-Line ARAY design, the Clearway improves the conductors by using a...

Product review: Chord ChordMusic – Gadgety News Oct 2016

One sure-fire way of starting a flame war on forums and Facebook pages is by mentioning the abilities of cables in your Hi-Fi system. Some will argue based on pure science, others by experience. Personally, I choose to use my ears and a healthy dollop of skepticism. The thing is, no matter the reason, leads...

Product review: Chord Shawline & Epic – Hi-Fi Pig Oct 2016

David Robson continues his Chord Company “Cable Doctor” series of reviews, where specific cable combinations are recommended for his system by Nigel Finn of Chord. Previously he has focused on the entry level C Line and Clearway cables but now moves up to the new Shawline series interconnects and digital cable, along with the Epic Twin speaker...