Product review: Chord Shawline ShawCan headphone cable - Hi-Fi Choice 429 Nov 2017

"The ShawCan sure can deliver sonic benefits and so consequently comes very highly recommended."

Product review: Chord Sarum T speaker cable - Hi-Fi World Nov 2017

Supremely open and unsullied, they can compete with rivals costing many times more

Product review: Chord Clearway Analogue RCA - What Hi-Fi? 5 STARS Sept 2017

“If you’re spending hard-earned cash on hi-fi components, you’ll want cabling that doesn’t inhibit their performance. Chord’s Clearway might be ideal”  What Hi-Fi?  

Product review: Chord C-USB digital interconnect cable - Hi-Fi Choice 427

“I use the C-USB to connect a Windows PC to my Alpha Design Labs GT40a (HFC 399), which is acting as a DAC for playing music files on my computer through my hi-fi. When I play a hi-res 24/192 PCM file of The Locrian Ensemble of London playing the Rondo from Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik,...

Product review: Chord Sarum T - Speaker Shack July 2017

“This is one Outstanding Product which deserves all the praise it can get and Chord have really pushed the envelope of R&D to another level.“ Read the full review here Sarum T product info here    

Product review: Chord Sarum T (& system) Hi-Fi+ 147 - May 2017

"This cable really lets the signal breathe, pushing the musical performance to the fore and the system itself well into the background"

Product review: Chord C-series, Shawline, Epic, Power Chord - Gadgety News Mar 2017

“I am not an ‘audiophile’. However, for the past 29 years I have been writing, performing and recording in many bands of different genres at different levels. I have a decent ear, two even, and that’s all I am going by. After all, that’s also how I buy my kit. If it sounds better than...

Product review: Chord Clearway Analogue RCA interconnect – Hi-Fi Choice 420

“HAND BUILT IN Wiltshire, The Chord Company’s Clearway interconnect uses the maker’s proprietary ARAY technology like the C-Line RCA interconnect (HFC 403). This was originally developed for its flagship Sarum range and was designed to offer improvements in detail and transparency. Building on the C-Line ARAY design, the Clearway improves the conductors by using a...