Speaker cable factory termination

Price: £100.00

We have a long history of supplying factory terminated sets of speaker cable.  Epic Reference, Signature Reference, Sarum and ChordMusic speaker cables are hand-built to order and come terminated with our own gold/silver 4mm banana plugs.

There are hundreds of different banana plugs available, a lot of which we’ve tried. The plug we use may look similar, but it isn’t. Sourcing these plugs from overseas can be very difficult. There is no way to know the type of brass used, the precision of machining, the quality of the sprung steel section or the plating. There are simply too many variables and we’ve had samples that range from good to dreadful – both in terms of build and sound. These plugs are an important part of the connection between your beautiful hi-fi system and your speakers and they will influence the ultimate performance of your system.

Because of this we decided to make our own. It meant that we could specify the construction materials – and by having them machined in the UK, we could work closely with the machinist to get the best possible tolerance.  It also gave us control over the plating process.

A lot of gold plating consists of a thin layer of gold with a layer of nickel beneath it. This makes for a nice bright finish. Our 4mm plugs are plated in the UK and we use 24 carat gold over a heavy layer of pure copper rather than nickel. It gives the plug a slightly different colour but in terms of performance (and regardless of cost) it’s the best plug we’ve heard.

Hear the difference. Every component needed to produce a set of interconnects or speaker cables will have a degree of influence on the performance of the system they are used in. Keep the cable constant and change just the plugs and you can hear how each type of plug affects the sound of the system.



Chord Company speaker cable plugs are made to our specification by a precision engineering company in the UK.  The connection between cable and speakers is critical and by having them produced this way, we can be certain of a consistent high quality.