Signature Tuned ARAY DIN

The original Signature interconnect was designed as an RCA cable, and was impossible to terminate with a DIN connection. That didn’t stop people using the Signature with DIN to RCA adaptors. So when the chance came to redesign the cable to produce the Tuned ARAY version we made certain that the cable we designed would be able to be fitted with a RCA, XLR and DIN connectors.

There are audio companies that take enormous pride in the ability of systems to play music with the rhythm, groove and soul intact. Sarum Tuned ARAY DIN cables became so popular because they revealed just how well these components bought music to life. They also showed just how musically revealing and subtly detailed the DIN socket equipment really was and how well they produced a big and believable sound stage. A big system connected with Sarum Tuned ARAY DIN cables was spectacular and the Signature Tuned ARAY brings the same improvements to the more affordable systems that use DIN connections, it’s the cable to try with older systems as well. Ultimately a system will sound as good as its weakest component. What a Signature Tuned ARAY cable does though is let you hear how good the components are, and more often than not they’re a lot better than you thought.

The Signature Tuned ARAY DIN cables are available in DIN to DIN, RCA to DIN and DIN to XLR. Standard length is 1 metre and custom lengths are available to order.

Signature Tuned ARAY DIN Awards & Reviews

Hi-Fi World Awards 2014: Best Interconnect Cable - Chord Signature Tuned ARAY

BEST INTERCONNECT CABLE One of Chord’s flagship cables, the Signature Tuned ARAY is made from high-quality silver-plated conductors and PTFE insulation with two layers of silver braid for screening. This is covered with a white PTFE outer extrusion, and Chord fit ultra-low mass RCA plugs. The silver pin is in turn surrounded by PTFE insulation,...

Product review: Chord Signature Range – Hi-Fi World Dec 2015

The Right Chord Jon Myles brings together a one-make cable system from Chord to show how just such a consistent approach can pay dividends The beauty here is that with the Chord loom in place you can happily look to upgrade your components over time with obvious benefit. Swap the Creek to something of the...

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