Shawline ShawCan headphone cable

Shawline ShawCan headphone cable

Prices from £275.00 (UK RRP)

The Chord Company Shawline ShawCan headphone cable features high-quality, silver-plated conductors, PTFE dielectric and a carbon composite shield design that minimises unwanted mechanical noise – an inherent problem with headphone cables.  The conductors are enclosed in a black outer jacket – more than just a braid to tidy the conductors, it is designed to assist acoustic damping.

ShawCan headphone cable uses an adapted version of our unique Super ARAY conductor geometry and can offer a marked performance upgrade over conventional cable designs.

Handbuilt to order, ShawCan cables are fitted with 6.3mm/3.5mm mini-jack at the player end and can be supplied with a wide (and ever-increasing) variety of connectors at the other, to suit most headphones.  Contact your usual Chord Company retailer regarding availability (and suitability) for your particular equipment.

ShawCan can be built to suit a balanced headphone output.  Balanced headphone outputs aren’t balanced in the usual sense.  As well as the normal left and right signals, there are left and right negative connections – more like a loudspeaker output. Desktop devices often use a 4 pin XLR output. Portable devices tend to use a 2.5mm 4 pole mini-jack connection.

Standard length: 1.5m, with prices from £275 to £350 depending on plug types. Custom lengths available at £80 (UK RRP) per extra metre.


Shawline ShawCan headphone cable Awards & Reviews

Product review: Shawline ShawCan headphone cable - Hi-Fi+ / The Absolute Sound - Ultimate Headphone Guide 2018

" Vocals are lifelike and very realistic in tonality and scale. In short, ShawCan offers more performance than it has a right to at its price."

Product review: Chord Shawline ShawCan headphone cable - Hi-Fi Choice 429 Nov 2017

"The ShawCan sure can deliver sonic benefits and so consequently comes very highly recommended."