Sarum Super ARAY Analogue RCA

The Sarum Tuned ARAY was a revelation. It made the albums you listened to sound more musically real and tangible than ever before. The Tuned ARAY had been developed to treat the return signal path, Super ARAY takes the same concept and treats the signal path as well. The idea for this came very suddenly and with the experience we had gained during the development of Tuned ARAY, developing the Super ARAY was relatively straightforward experience and it showed just how much musical detail there really was on a CD/digital stream. Even tracks we thought we knew intimately had so much more to show us and it transformed the musical experience. It could be the incredibly beautiful harmonics that wonderful old acoustic instruments developed. Or the gloriously complex clean but on the edge of distortion sounds that the best guitarists spend a lifetime searching for.  Or the truly emotional sound of a well-played cello, or voices, or pianos,    the list goes on and on.

Either way, whatever the Sarum Super ARAY is connected to and whatever genre of music you play, the flow and beauty or the visceral and discordant power is going to become very apparent. The sound of cymbals with all the real weight and timbre and the ability to move air. They will open your system and the music you love. Just listen. What these will do for a music lover with a decent system almost makes them a bargain.

The Sarum Super ARAY is fitted with Chord machined PTFE plug surrounds and use ultra low mass silver plated RCA connectors. The standard length is 1 metre and custom lengths are available to order.

Sarum Super ARAY Analogue RCA Awards & Reviews

Hifi+ Awards 2016: Analogue Audio Cable of the Year - Chord Sarum Super ARAY

If this system’s sense of easy musical expression, expansive dynamics, and rhythmic flow set it apart, then that is due in no small part to the cables connecting the components getting out of the way and letting them do their job, something which Sarum Super ARAY achieves so effortlessly that you barely notice its contribution...

Product review: Chord Sarum Super ARAY – The Ear Oct 2015

Chord Company Sarum Super ARAY Chord Co appears to understand this better than most, all of its upgrades result in your favourite records sounding better and this is doubly so with Sarum Super ARAY (Tuned ARAY cables can be upgraded to Super status BTW. It is expensive but if you are serious about getting to...

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