Sarum Super ARAY AES/EBU

Sarum Super ARAY AES/EBU

Of all the digital connections available, the one that’s been most challenging for us has been the AES-EBU. There is no denying it was a good connection to use in terms of detail, but so often we found ourselves preferring the sound produced by the 75 Ohm co-axial S/PDIF connection instread.

The Sarum Super ARAY AES-EBU changes that.  This AES-EBU still carries amazing amounts of detail, but now it does so in such a musical way, that the gap between the AES-EBU and co-axial 75 Ohm connection is more than narrowed. The choice has got more complicated!

Once again it’s the ARAY technology that brings such an extraordinary improvement. The rock solid image, the enormous amounts of detail and dynamic information – all presented in an easy to hear and musical way.

If you have the options, contact your nearest Chord Company Sarum dealer and try both the 75 Ohm co-axial S/PDIF and AES-EBU connections and decide for yourself which one you prefer.

Sarum Super ARAY AES/EBU Awards & Reviews

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