Sarum speaker cable

A good speaker cable should do nothing. It should lose nothing of the signal it’s carrying, it should add nothing to the signal it’s carrying and should prevent any interference from corrupting the signal it’s carrying. That’s why the new range of Chord speaker cables are all shielded – they’re typically the longest cables in a system and they’re also the cables that are most likely to run alongside power cables as well. Tonal colouration is a wonderful thing at least in instruments it is. It’s why people can pay so much for vintage acoustic and for that matter electric instruments.

Colouration is timbre and it can be unique to every instrument. However speaker cable that colours the tone of your system is not wonderful, it can turn bass into a one note thump. It can makes singers sounds as though they have colds, it can make violins thin and unpleasant and it can mask the timbre of every  instrument.

Sarum speaker cables use micro-polished silver-plated conductors and air spaced PTFE insulation along with extremely effective dual layer shielding. Each set of Sarum Speaker Cable is made to order, the conductors are braided and twisted, before being fixed together at each end with a custom machined aluminium clamp. before being terminated with either silver-plated custom made banana plugs, or silver-plated spade  connectors.

This design produces nothing and everything. We have succeeded in producing a completely neutral speaker cable. Unlike a lot of other speaker cables, the changes do not appear to be dramatic when first connected. Only when you take it out again will you notice just how much extra timbre, dynamics, realism, life, soul and reality Sarum Speaker cable has bought. You’ll also wonder where the control and definition and tonal movement across the bass frequencies has gone and the space around individual voices and instruments and the huge and incredibly precise soundstage as well. Most of all your music really isn’t going to sound right until you put Sarum Speaker Cable back in again.

Sarum retailers all have demonstration sets of cable that you can take home and try and if you need a longer set then we have longer sets available. When you do try it just remember that it’s your music collection you’re listening to, not your hi-fi and not the speaker cable.

Sarum speaker cable Awards & Reviews

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Chord Sarum – Hi-Fi Review Magazine (Hong Kong) Product of the year 2015

Chord Sarum – Hi-Fi Review Magazine (Hong Kong) Product of the year 2015 Big thank you to Michael Chan and all at Richcoln for their sterling work and continued support.  Please contact them for further info on Chord Company products in Hong Kong.

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