Sarsen speaker cable

Why can’t you make a decent lifestyle speaker cable, asked an exasperated retailer?  We do, we replied. It’s called Chord Rumour, it’s white, it’s only 6mm in diameter and it’s really flexible. Too big, was the reply.  It’s got to be much smaller. We knew there were smaller cables available but hadn’t paid them a lot of attention on the grounds that nothing we’d heard that size was any good.  So how to make a better one was an interesting challenge.

Speaker cables need to carry as much information as possible and critically, they need to carry dynamic information – particularly the micro-dynamic detail that sets the rhythm and structure of a piece of music.  Without that, everything is going to sound ordinary and un-involving.  We knew that we could use low density polyethylene, but with a small diameter conductor the signal is going be compromised.  We use a lot of PTFE and it would be a good choice, but too stiff to make a flexible enough cable.  Then there was FEP. It’s a close relative of PTFE with a very similar performance at the temperatures we needed it to work at and it’s a lot more flexible. Because the conductors had to be smaller than we’d ever used before, the temptation to silver-plate them was high, but we had to work to a cost and although FEP is less expensive than PTFE it’s still expensive when compared to PVC or polyethylene. So that meant using high quality oxygen free copper.

This is Sarsen.  It has a white PVC outer jacket, FEP insulated oxygen free copper conductors arranged in twisted pair configuration, it’s easy to work with, very flexible and has an overall diameter of 3.2mm!  It’s discrete to the point of invisibility.  It can often be tucked between the carpet and the skirting board and best of all, its not just good for its size it’s a really decent speaker cable.

You know when you’ve done something special when customers contact you to tell you so. With Sarsen, people started calling us within a week of its launch.  They weren’t using Sarsen with lifestyle systems though, they were connecting big serious hi-fi systems.  It turns out that while the partners of hi-fi enthusiasts will suffer many things in the name of music, speaker cables for many of them cross the line.

Sarsen is a proper speaker cable, and it carries a musical signal with a real sense of life and dynamics, it carries a signal that a music lover can really enjoy and get involved with and it’s small enough for speaker cable hating partners to find entirely acceptable.  Good as Sarsen if you if you can use a larger cable then do so. Our larger and better cables will add so much more to the performance of a decent system.

Sarsen speaker cable Awards & Reviews

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