Epic speaker cable

Epic speaker cable has been part of Chord’s speaker cable range for around ten years – it’s a shielded speaker cable that works exceptionally well with pretty much every style of speaker.  From mid-price to high end, Epic brings detail, dynamics, resolution and coherence to every speaker it’s used with.  It’s particularly good at bringing control and definition across the bass frequencies as well and can be a really good solution for floor standing speakers.

Epic was based on our multi-award-winning Chord Odyssey speaker cable.  Both cables actually have identical conductors, they use 12 AWG oxygen free copper negative and positive conductors which are silver plated and insulated with PTFE before an outer PVC jacket is applied.  The key difference is that Epic Twin then has a very effective high frequency combination shield applied and this is then surrounded by a translucent PVC jacket.  So the improvements that Epic brings primarily come down to the shielding but the outer jacket also provides an extra degree of mechanical damping.

In terms of sound quality, Odyssey is surprisingly neutral and very good at helping to control and define, particularly noticeable across the bass frequencies.  It’s one of our most popular cables and its neutrality and ability to carry detail so accurately was enough for it to win the Hi Fi News award for best speaker cable 5 years in a row. Since its release in nineteen-ninety-eight the only changes we have made to Odyssey have been cosmetic and it’s a speaker cable that will work in practically any system.

The improvements Epic Twin brings are better resolution, a greater sense of dynamics (in particular, micro dynamics), and a very natural sense of timbre.  Like Odyssey it will work with pretty much any system and it will help the system to sound as coherent as it can. Perhaps the best description came from the sales manager of an audio company that made amplifiers and speakers. He borrowed some Epic to use at a show, put it in a system he knew really well and over the weekend realised that he’d never heard the system sound as musical as it had that weekend. The only variable? It was the first time he’d used Chord Epic.

Epic speaker cable Awards & Reviews

Product review: Epic Twin speaker cable - Hi-Fi Choice Sept 2014

Chord Company Epic Twin Speaker Cable Apart from being supplied unterminated, the cable can be fitted with Chord 24 karat gold-plated banana plugs, direct gold-plated copper spade connectors or BFA Camcon connectors. When supplied with connectors, the colour-coded heatshrink is also printed to show the signal direction. As with any cable, it requires a minimum...

Product review: Chord Shawline & Epic – Hi-Fi Pig Oct 2016

David Robson continues his Chord Company “Cable Doctor” series of reviews, where specific cable combinations are recommended for his system by Nigel Finn of Chord. Previously he has focused on the entry level C Line and Clearway cables but now moves up to the new Shawline series interconnects and digital cable, along with the Epic Twin speaker...

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