ChordMusic XLR

The ChordMusic XLR possesses the same extraordinary combination of utter clarity and neutrality that all the other ChordMusic cables produce.  So like the ChordMusic DIN and RCA cables The ChordMusic XLR will let you further than you’ve ever been into every piece of music you play and bring a level of musical coherence that almost shocks with its ability to communicate feeling and emotions.

However if your equipment has both XLR and RCA connectors we urge you to try both types.  The level of Clarity, neutrality and enthralling musical coherence that ChordMusic cables possess will let you hear the differences in performance between the RCA and XLR connections more clearly and more musically than any other cable.

ChordMusic XLR Awards & Reviews

Product review: Chord ChordMusic – Gadgety News Oct 2016

One sure-fire way of starting a flame war on forums and Facebook pages is by mentioning the abilities of cables in your Hi-Fi system. Some will argue based on pure science, others by experience. Personally, I choose to use my ears and a healthy dollop of skepticism. The thing is, no matter the reason, leads...

Product review: ChordMusic press launch – The EAR April 2016

ChordMusic the inside story Chord has officially launched its most ambitious cable range to date in ChordMusic. First previewed at Bristol last year it has taken until now for Nigel Finn and Alan Gibb to gather enough of this uniquely insulated cable to build both interconnects and speaker cables for the ChordMusic range. The ChordMusic...

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