ChordMusic speaker cable

We waited a long time for the speaker cable to arrive, the company that produce Taylon® insulation don’t usually build anything that comes close to audio cables and they took their time.

Nigel. The design we were pretty confident about, but the longer we waited for the speaker cable to arrive, the longer we listened to ChordMusic interconnects with Chord Sarum speaker cable. The better and better it sounded and it got to the point where I would lie awake at night wondering exactly how we could better the sound we already had.

When the ChordMusic speaker cable finally arrived I pulled rank and took the first set we made up into the dem room on my own. I needn’t have worried; we know that, if anything, the combination of insulation and conductor material is more influential on the sound than it is with interconnects.

For a company that had always been aware that different combinations of conductor and insulation material had predictable tonal characteristics, and had long ago settled on Silver-plated conductors and PTFE insulation as being the most neutral combination we could find, Taylon® is a revelation.  As well as being completely phase stable, when it’s used as insulation in a cable it allows us to produce the most neutral and uncoloured cables we have ever heard. When you talk about timing people tend to be talking about the groove that musicians are able produce, rhythm sections, rock and roll, reggae every form of music has rhythm as a heartbeat it’s why it’s always been so important to us.

The utter lack of any colouration and the phase coherence of ChordMusic speaker cable produce a cable that is so musically transparent that we can refine timing down to individual notes.  A lot of instruments produce an extremely complex timbre. Made up of the fundamental notes, the associated harmonics and the type of material the instrument is made from. The obvious place to listen for this would be acoustic instruments but they affect electric guitars and basses as well.  ChordMusic doesn’t just let you hear into the complexity of timbre it puts every part that makes for the growth, the bloom and then the decay in exactly the right place.  This adds so much to music and it’s something that hi fi components can do very well, it’s something that Chord’s new range of cables can do as well, if you want to listen it’s there with Shawline Analogue.

With ChordMusic though there’s no need to listen it’s just there and timbre is so much part of the magic of music.

There is another first with ChordMusic speaker cable; it’s the first speaker cable to be fitted with Tuned ARAY conductor geometry.  Like the interconnects it has such a degree of clarity and transparency that it’s possible to hear the extra coherence and detail that the Tuned ARAY geometry brings.

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