Product Review: Chord Clearway speaker cable – WHAT HI-FI? Oct 2015

Product Review: Chord Clearway speaker cable – WHAT HI-FI? Oct 2015


“Clearway helps the system better stitch the instruments together; it’s more rhythmic, more dynamic, more musical.”

Chord Company Clearway, What Hi-Fi?, October 2015

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  1. I have a prima lunar amp and pre-amp, and ATC SCM floor speakers.

    I wonder if Chord clearway would work well with this set up. Any comments and suggestions much appreciated

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    • Hi Michael
      That’s a very good system and whilst yes Chord Clearway would work with it, I don’t think you would fully exploit the potential performance of the speakers by using it. Really you should be thinking about Chord Odyssey, Epic Twin or Epic Reference. Most of our dealers carry demonstration lengths of our speaker cable. I think the thing to do would be to see what you can borrow to try in your system so that you could hear for yourself the differences.

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  2. Thanks for your comments.

    Now I have to find a dealer that would let me borrow one or more of the cables you suggest.

    One problem is that I would need 4 metre lengths!

    Michael Brittain

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