Signature Reference speaker cable

Prices from £675.00 (UK RRP)

Another product that didn’t need a press release or a review. It took off so fast by word of mouth that for a while there was almost a permanent waiting list. There’s a soundstage big enough to step into and accurate enough to pick individual performers out of an orchestra.

Signature bi-wire speaker links

Prices from £100.00 (UK RRP)

Designed to replace the pressed metal versions used to bridge the inputs on bi-wireable speakers. Startling improvements to sound quality.  Easy to fit. Signature links will work with any speaker cable.

Signature ARAY power cable

Prices from £550.00 (UK RRP)

With the knowledge we gained from the development of high frequency effective shielding, we were finally able to produce a power cable that was consistent in performance from system to system.