Chord Sarum was the cable that changed everything. It was where we developed Tuned ARAY conductor geometry and one of the most exciting things we’ve ever done. When we first plugged the fully realised prototype into our demo system, Nigel (Chord Co Technical Director) can remember listening for about thirty seconds before running out of the room and dragging Alan (Managing Director – and obsessive music lover) in for a listen.

Sarum bi-wire speaker links

An easy way of getting the last ounce of performance from any high resolution speaker system, regardless of the speaker cable you’re using.

Sarum speaker cable

Unlike a lot of other speaker cables, the changes do not appear to be dramatic when first connected. Only when you take it out again will you notice just how much extra timbre, dynamics, realism, life, soul and reality Sarum speaker cable has bought.

Sarum Super ARAY Analogue DIN

Just like the Super ARAY RCA and XLR cables, the Sarum DIN cables bring a sense of life and reality, with an extraordinary increase in musical detail.

Sarum Super ARAY Analogue RCA

Whatever the Sarum Super ARAY is connected to and whatever genre of music you play, the flow and beauty or the visceral and discordant power is going to become very apparent.

Sarum Super ARAY Digital

The cable that sparked the development of Tuned ARAY.  If the results hadn’t been so profound, there wouldn’t have been a range of Tuned and Super ARAY cables.

Sarum Super ARAY Power cable

The Sarum Power cable was the first Sarum to get the Super ARAY conductor configuration. The concept and design arrived fully formed - right down to the critical measurements.

Sarum Super ARAY Streaming cable

If you are using any of the hi-end streamers that are coming onto the market, put your music head on, connect it to the switch with a Sarum Super ARAY streaming cable and listen

Sarum Super ARAY USB cable

We often use a Chord Electronics DAVE DAC in our demo room, connected via Sarum USB to our music orientated laptop. A quite extraordinary performance. Musically right and deeply involving.