Our mission is to make cables that carry analogue or digital signals as accurately as possible and to ensure that we never lose sight of the real joys of music. Involvement and emotional connection, timbre, melody, beauty, the sense of performance, of being there, getting caught up and taken to the concert hall. Most of all, the profound sense of satisfaction and well-being that listening to music should bring. ChordMusic interconnects and speaker cables can do this, thanks to a unique insulation material called Taylon.

ChordMusic speaker cable

Prices from £3300.00 (UK RRP)

ChordMusic speaker cable isn’t just the first to use Taylon® insulation, it’s also the first speaker cable to feature the adapted Tuned ARAY conductor configuration.  The resulting high degree of clarity and transparency makes it possible to hear extra coherence and detail.

ChordMusic bi-wire speaker links

Prices from £895.00 (UK RRP)

High performance, hand-crafted bi-wire links, featuring our unique Taylon® insulation and designed to complement the ChordMusic speaker cable.