Our mission is to make cables that carry analogue or digital signals as accurately as possible and to ensure that we never lose sight of the real joys of music. Involvement and emotional connection, timbre, melody, beauty, the sense of performance, of being there, getting caught up and taken to the concert hall. Most of all, the profound sense of satisfaction and well-being that listening to music should bring. ChordMusic interconnects and speaker cables can do this, thanks to a unique insulation material called Taylon.

ChordMusic RCA

Constructed using silver-plated conductors and shields and the Super ARAY conductor geometry developed for Sarum. The key difference is Taylon® insulation, unique to The Chord Company and ChordMusic. The improvements it brings are more than profound - they reveal an extraordinary musical landscape so believable that you can step into it.

ChordMusic DIN

ChordMusic DIN cables will do for DIN connected/Naim systems what the RCA does for RCA connected systems. Everything disappears except for the music. It’s a truly extraordinary experience. There is extra detail, nuance and the subtlest of touches – all revealed in a clear and natural way.  Real and very human pace, rhythm and timing.

ChordMusic XLR

Like all ChordMusic cables, the XLR is hand built. In order to produce the very best performance, an extra conductor has been added.  Like the other Taylon® insulated cables the ChordMusic XLR will let you hear exactly what your system is producing.

ChordMusic Digital

What’s at the heart of your system?  Increasingly it’s a DAC, with a CD transport, streamer or dedicated audiophile hard drive and a USB, so you can connect a computer too. There are some wonderful concerts on You Tube and while sound quality is never going to be great, it’s always going to sound better through the hi-fi rather than the laptop

ChordMusic streaming cable

Nigel Finn: “We listen to every ChordMusic cable before it’s packed. Alan was checking a ChordMusic streaming cable. I walked in just as he’d connected a Sarum Super ARAY streaming cable, so I sat in and listened, thinking the system sounded great. Then he put the ChordMusic streaming cable in.. “

ChordMusic AES/EBU

ChordMusic AES/EBU - a dedicated digital XLR connection, should your equipment have this particular option.

ChordMusic speaker cable

ChordMusic speaker cable isn’t just the first to use Taylon® insulation, it’s also the first speaker cable to feature the adapted Tuned ARAY conductor configuration.  The resulting high degree of clarity and transparency makes it possible to hear extra coherence and detail.