Cost effective, high performance cables. Too good to be labelled “entry level”. Proves the point that cables make a difference. This is the spark of musical life you are hearing

C-line – High performance analogue audio interconnect

Producing genuinely high-performance cables that carry a musical signal with a real sense of coherence is a big challenge and we are justifiably proud of our multi award-winning C-line interconnects. Prices from £35 (UK RRP)

C-sub – High performance analogue subwoofer cable

The Chord Company C-sub is designed to work with all home theatre amplifiers and active subwoofers. Prices from £35 (UK RRP)

C-digital – High performance digital audio interconnect

The C-digital has been developed to let you hear just how good some of the more affordable digital to analogue converters can be. Prices from £35 (UK RRP)

C-lite – High performance digital optical audio interconnect

A new range of optical cables designed to perform in any home or portable system that requires an optical connection. Featuring Toslink and/or mini-jack connectors and in handy lengths from 0.15m to 10m. Prices from £35 (UK RRP)

C-USB – High performance digital audio interconnect

We understand the theory suggesting these cables should have no effect, but we don’t make cables unless they produce a better listening experience. Don't take our word for it, however. Chord Company dealers will let you try one for yourself. Prices from £50 (UK RRP)

C-stream – High performance streaming cable

Audio streaming systems are the dawn of the digital revolution and if you’re serious about the quality of the music you listen to, pay good attention to the cables you use.  Shielding is important – and you will hear the benefits. Prices from £40 (UK RRP)

C-view – Ultra-slim High Speed HDMI cable with Ethernet

We’ve been producing award-winning high-performance HDMI cables for many years.  We know that shielding and conductor quality play a big part in performance. Prices from £35 (UK RRP)

C-screen – speaker cable

A shielded speaker cable aimed at both audio and home cinema systems.  It joins the award-winning line up of Chord Company shielded speaker cables, including the acclaimed Clearway and the high-performance Signature Reference. Prices from £5 per m (UK RRP)