Speaker Cables

C-screen – speaker cable

A shielded speaker cable aimed at both audio and home cinema systems.  It joins the award-winning line up of Chord Company shielded speaker cables, including the acclaimed Clearway and the high-performance Signature Reference.

ChordMusic speaker cable

ChordMusic speaker cable isn’t just the first to use Taylon® insulation, it’s also the first speaker cable to feature the adapted Tuned ARAY conductor configuration.  The resulting high degree of clarity and transparency makes it possible to hear extra coherence and detail.

Clearway speaker cable

There are a lot of very affordable systems that are better than their owners think. Clearway speaker cable carries the vital elements that make for a musically involving performance. It carries dynamics, timbre, and musical detail with an accuracy that turns a good system into something special.

Epic Reference speaker cable

Epic Reference makes a huge jump in dynamics, detail and musical coherence by combining the separately shielded conductor design from Chord Signature Reference and the silver-plated, PTFE insulated 12AWG conductors of Chord Epic.

Epic speaker cable

Epic is a shielded speaker cable that works well with pretty much every style of speaker from mid-price to high-end.  Epic brings detail, dynamics, resolution and coherence. It’s particularly good at bringing control and definition to bass frequencies. A great choice for floor standing speakers.

Leyline speaker cable (LS0H)

Designed as high performance multi-room speaker cable, Leyline is also perfect for rear and surround speakers in home cinema setups, audio systems needing long, cost effective cable runs and just about any situation that needs an inexpensive, easy to install speaker cable.

Odyssey speaker cable

A heavier gauge version of Chord Rumour, Odyssey has remarkable neutrality, carries dynamics and brings real control to pretty much any pair of speakers. Depending on the speaker cable you are using at present, Odyssey can be a revelation with floorstanding loudspeakers.

Rumour speaker cable

Part of our speaker cable range for twenty years and only cosmetically altered since its release.  Rumour is white, 6mm dia and a neutral, natural speaker cable, good enough to find its way into everything from lifestyle to seriously high-end audio systems.