Power Cables

C-power – Shielded power cable 1.5m

The C-power is a no-nonsense shielded mains cable, it doesn’t magically transform the quality of your mains supply but it does prevent localised high frequency interference affecting the ultimate performance of your system. Prices from £55 (UK RRP)

Power Chord power cable

A mixture of sensible design, effective shielding, mechanical damping and plugs chosen by listening tests -  plus some interesting things with wiring configurations and vibration discovered over the course of development.  Do power cables affect the performance of a system? There’s a very easy way to find out.

Signature ARAY power cable

With the knowledge we gained from the development of high frequency effective shielding, we were finally able to produce a power cable that was consistent in performance from system to system. Prices from £550 (UK RRP)

Sarum Super ARAY Power cable

The Sarum Power cable was the first Sarum to get the Super ARAY conductor configuration. The concept and design arrived fully formed - right down to the critical measurements.