USB and Digital Audio

C-digital – High performance digital audio interconnect

The C-digital has been developed to let you hear just how good some of the more affordable digital to analogue converters can be.

C-lite – High performance digital optical audio interconnect

A new range of optical cables designed to perform in any home or portable system that requires an optical connection. Featuring Toslink and/or mini-jack connectors and in handy lengths from 0.15m to 10m.

C-stream – High performance streaming cable

Audio streaming systems are the dawn of the digital revolution and if you’re serious about the quality of the music you listen to, pay good attention to the cables you use.  Shielding is important – and you will hear the benefits

C-USB – High performance digital audio interconnect

We understand the theory suggesting these cables should have no effect, but we don’t make cables unless they produce a better listening experience. Don't take our word for it, however. Chord Company dealers will let you try one for yourself.

ChordMusic Digital

What’s at the heart of your system?  Increasingly it’s a DAC, with a CD transport, streamer or dedicated audiophile hard drive and a USB, so you can connect a computer too. There are some wonderful concerts on You Tube and while sound quality is never going to be great, it’s always going to sound better through the hi-fi rather than the laptop

ChordMusic streaming cable

Nigel Finn: “We listen to every ChordMusic cable before it’s packed. Alan was checking a ChordMusic streaming cable. I walked in just as he’d connected a Sarum Super ARAY streaming cable, so I sat in and listened, thinking the system sounded great. Then he put the ChordMusic streaming cable in.. “

Clearway Digital

The Clearway uses the digital Tuned ARAY conductor configuration developed for the original Sarum Digital.  Like other digital Tuned ARAY cables the degree of coherence and detail this can bring to the performance of an audio system borders on startling.

Epic Digital

Epic Digital uses Tuned ARAY conductor geometry developed specifically for digital cables. Combined with separate shields for send and return and silver-plated, PTFE insulated conductors, it brings a degree of coherence to systems that conventional digital cable designs simply cannot match.