Analogue XLR

ChordMusic XLR

Like all ChordMusic cables, the XLR is hand built. In order to produce the very best performance, an extra conductor has been added.  Like the other Taylon® insulated cables the ChordMusic XLR will let you hear exactly what your system is producing.

Clearway Analogue XLR

The design of the Clearway Analogue cable means we can adapt the conductor configuration for XLR terminations. We can use identical conductors for three connections, producing a neutral and musically transparent XLR cable.

Epic Analogue XLR

Epic XLR uses the same materials as the Epic RCA. The design is adapted to include an extra conductor, producing a true balanced performance.  Neutrality and transparency are as special as the RCA version. Epic XLR carries high levels of detail and with real musical coherence.

Sarum Super ARAY XLR Analogue

The Sarum Super ARAY RCA and XLR use identical cables, they are both more musically transparent than about anything we’ve heard and their transparency, neutrality, and ability to carry a signal with such a huge degree of musical coherence means that the difference between the two connections will be incredibly easy to hear.

Shawline XLR

All Tuned ARAY cables require a high degree of precision, only achieved with painstaking hand assembly.  An upside of this process, is that it allows us to add the extra conductors needed to build an exceptional XLR cable.

Signature Tuned ARAY XLR

Identical conductors for signal and return will improve an audio cable. XLR cables often use two conductors to carry the signals and the shield for earth. We add a third identical conductor for the return signal on the Chord Signature. The shield is out of the circuit and unwanted interference is reduced.