Analogue RCA

C-line – High performance analogue audio interconnect

Producing genuinely high-performance cables that carry a musical signal with a real sense of coherence is a big challenge and we are justifiably proud of our multi award-winning C-line interconnects.

C-sub – High performance analogue subwoofer cable

The Chord Company C-sub is designed to work with all home theatre amplifiers and active subwoofers.

ChordMusic DIN

ChordMusic DIN cables will do for DIN connected/Naim systems what the RCA does for RCA connected systems. Everything disappears except for the music. It’s a truly extraordinary experience. There is extra detail, nuance and the subtlest of touches – all revealed in a clear and natural way.  Real and very human pace, rhythm and timing.

ChordMusic RCA

Constructed using silver-plated conductors and shields and the Super ARAY conductor geometry developed for Sarum. The key difference is Taylon® insulation, unique to The Chord Company and ChordMusic. The improvements it brings are more than profound - they reveal an extraordinary musical landscape so believable that you can step into it.

Clearway Analogue RCA

Hand built in the UK and featuring our unique ARAY conductor geometry. We’ve taken the design from the award winning C-line and upgraded all the materials to produce an outstanding value for money, high-performance analogue interconnect that will carry a signal with accuracy and coherence.

Epic Analogue RCA

Epic RCA takes all the coherence of Shawline, along with its heavier gauge conductors and improved shielding and brings a new level of detail and involvement to players better known for their analytical rather than musical performance.

Sarum Super ARAY Analogue RCA

Whatever the Sarum Super ARAY is connected to and whatever genre of music you play, the flow and beauty or the visceral and discordant power is going to become very apparent.

Shawline Analogue RCA

Shawline Analogue RCA cables use the same conductor geometry as the award winning Sarum Tuned ARAY, giving them a musical transparency and coherence, transforming the performance of the new DACs, CD players and Streamers that work so well at very affordable prices.