Using a £200 set of interconnects with £400 player doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense until you hear what happens. Our high-end Tuned ARAY cables have been transforming bigger systems all over the world and the Shawline Tuned ARAY is doing the same to real world systems. Tuned ARAY cable lets you hear the music as well as the hi-fi.

Shawline X speaker cable

Ceny od £30.00 (UK RRP)

Shawline speaker cable uses the same silver-plated conductors, XLPE insulation and twisted pair configuration as Chord Rumour X, but enhanced with PVC internal jacket to reduce mechanical noise and the same high density dual-layer shielding we use on Chord Epic.

Shawline Analogue subwoofer cable

Ceny od £180.00 (UK RRP)

Designed to complement the Shawline range and enhance any music/TV/movie/game surround system. Available in 3m, 5m and custom lengths/terminations to suit any subwoofer.

Shawline Digital RCA and BNC

Ceny od £180.00 (UK RRP)

After numerous informal listening sessions, we think (controversially maybe?) that all digital cables are not the same.  They may all carry great detail, but in our opinion, hearing exactly what the drums and bass are doing is no good unless it sounds like they are locked into a groove.  We reckon Shawline Digital cables can help in this respect – or at least, not do anything to harm the artist’s intended sound.

Shawline Analogue RCA

Ceny od £180.00 (UK RRP)

Shawline Analogue RCA cables use the same conductor geometry as the award winning Sarum Tuned ARAY, giving them a musical transparency and coherence, transforming the performance of DACs, CD players and Streamers.

Shawline – kabel LAN

Ceny od £200.00 (UK RRP)

Zaprojektowany tak, aby zapewnić jak najlepszą jakość brzmienia ze strumieniowych systemów audio. Dostępne w standardowych długościach 0,75 m, 1,5 m, 3 m i 5 m. Niestandardowe długości na zamówienie.

Shawline Power Chord mains cable

Ceny od £200.00 (UK RRP)

A high specification mains cable - designed, hand-built and rigorously tested in the UK. An updated and reworked version of the previous Power Chord, now featuring an improved, thicker stranded conductor and a redesigned, higher gauge braid wire shield.

Shawline USB cable

Ceny od £200.00 (UK RRP)

A decent laptop dedicated to your music collection and a good USB DAC can be a valid and affordable source,  especially if you’re prepared to sit down and experiment with dedicated cables to connect the two together - like the Shawline USB.

Shawline Analogue DIN

Ceny od £225.00 (UK RRP)

There are many upgrade paths for Naim Audio owners, but The Chord Company Shawline DIN cables have to be, for any music-lover, one of the most cost-effective and musically profound steps forward you can make.

Shawline Analogue XLR

Ceny od £250.00 (UK RRP)

All Tuned ARAY cables require a high degree of precision, only achieved with painstaking hand assembly.  An upside of this process, is that it allows us to add the extra conductors needed to build an exceptional XLR cable.

Shawline ShawCan – kabel słuchawkowy

Ceny od £275.00 (UK RRP)

Nasz pierwszy dedykowany kabel słuchawkowy. Elastyczny, ale chroniony przed, indukowanym mechanicznie, szumem. Zapewnia więcej wciągających, intymnych wrażeń, których można się spodziewać po naszej ukochanej muzyce.