Kable zasilające

C-power shielded power cable 1.5m

Ceny od £60.00 (UK RRP)

The C-power is a no-nonsense shielded mains cable, it doesn’t magically transform the quality of your mains supply but it does prevent localised high frequency interference affecting the ultimate performance of your system.

Shawline Power Chord mains cable

Ceny od £200.00 (UK RRP)

A high specification mains cable - designed, hand-built and rigorously tested in the UK. An updated and reworked version of the previous Power Chord, now featuring an improved, thicker stranded conductor and a redesigned, higher gauge braid wire shield.

Signature ARAY power cable

Ceny od £600.00 (UK RRP)

With the knowledge we gained from the development of high frequency effective shielding, we were finally able to produce a power cable that was consistent in performance from system to system.

Sarum T power cable

Ceny od £1900.00 (UK RRP)

Sarum T builds on the success of our acclaimed Sarum Super ARAY range and introduces our breakthrough proprietary insulation material, Taylon®, bringing a major performance upgrade.

ChordMusic – kabel zasilający

Ceny od £5000.00 (UK RRP)

Nasz flagowy kabel zasilający jest najbardziej zaawansowanym, jak dotąd, projektem i oferuje najlepsze materiały oraz najbardziej złożoną budowę.