Our Demo Room

The Chord Company Demo Room is a purpose-built facility used for research and development, testing and demonstrating our range of hi-fi and home cinema interconnects and speaker cables. The room has been designed to replicate (as far as possible) a typical listening environment.

The equipment used in our Demo Room varies enormously.  We have at our disposal, an extensive range of hi-fi and home cinema equipment, ranging from entry level to high end. This allows us to develop cables on the level of equipment they are most likely to be used with. During this process it also allows us to experiment with components from several manufacturers in order to ensure a coherent and consistent performance, regardless of the equipment the cables are used with. The Demo Room is at the heart of the company and allows us an incredible freedom to experiment. Prototype cables can easily be modified, cable geometries can be changed and the result tested almost immediately.

Hi-Fi system currently in our demo room

Rega and KEF system

We added the Rega DAC to the CD and amplifier, connecting it first with a Prodac Digital VEE 3 and then with the new Anthem Digital Tuned ARAY. This is our entry level Tuned ARAY cable and it worked like magic. Loads more detail and really fluent and coherent bass lines. Putting the Kef LS50s on worked really well. We know that lots of people use this combination and it’s easy to hear why. Odyssey speaker cable was good but changing to Epic speaker cable and upgrading the interconnects to Chorus Reference bought a stunning degree of realism and involvement to what was already a great system. Worth talking to your local dealer and having listen.

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