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  • I am using standard Naim

    What a very nice system! I have to mention Sarum Tuned ARAY interconnects to you. These are our flagship analogue cables but in DIN to DIN and DIN to XLR configuration they are capable of producing some truly remarkable results with Naim systems. They are undeniably expensive but I think you should have a listen. You'll find a list of Sarum dealers on our website and if you contact your nearest one, if he doesn't have the DIN to DIN and DIN to XLR cables in stock, we can arrange to lend them to him for you to have a listen to and I do think this would be a really good idea. The improvements that just the additional one of these cables can make to a system like this is really quite remarkable.

    • Pre amp : Naim Nac 52 and 52 PS
    • Power amp : Naim Nap 250 (2 of)
    • Turntable : Linn LP 12, Ekos, Archive
    • Phono stage : Internal Naim Boards
    • CD Player : Naim CDS 3 and XPS 2
    • Streamer : Naim NDX
    • Speakers : Naim SL 2
    • Other : Naim Naxo and Hi Cap
  • Hi Nigel recently enquired about Epic speaker cable for my system. I have now been offered some used Epic Reference cable at a price that is difficult to refuse. Will I be going

    You will more than hear what Epic Reference does over Epic Twin.  One of the real problems a company like us faces is that with everything we've done in the Dem Room we know that better speaker cables and interconnects equal better sound, almost regardless of the system.  To prove a point to one of our distributors I once demonstrated our complete range of speaker cables using one of our reference budget systems, including a pair of albeit very good £250 speakers.  There is a point where the upgrade gets silly, in as much as a better component may well be a better choice but frankly I think that Epic Reference will simply show you how good your system is. Go for it !

  • As I only have the original cables, I want to know what upgrades you would recommend. I am also thinking of upgrading turntable to a Rega RP1 or 3.

    I've always admired NAD amplifiers and we know the Elac speakers well. I know that this recommendation for speaker cable may seem out of context with the system but I really think that you should try a get a listen to a set of Chord Odyssey speaker cable. The control, definition, detail and coherence this will bring to your system I think will be really special. 

    For the CD player see if you can get a set of Chord Crimson VEE 3 interconnects to listen to, if you are using the standard cables these will make a big difference.

    I do suspect that you play more vinyl that you do CDs and i think the first thing you should try is the speaker cable with one of your favourite album's 

  • I bi-wire the Focals (with speakers on A+B on the Accuphase). That sounds a lot better than single wire. I now have the Odessey 4 speaker cables, and I recently bought the Chord Anthem Digital Tuned Aray; what a great cable! I have Nordost Red Dawn XLR interconnect. If possible a bit more bass would be nice, though that has quite improved with the Chord Anthem Digital Tuned Aray.I like a detailed sound also.I am curious for your advice!

    Have a talk with your local retailer, hopefully the one who let you listen to the Anthem Digital Tuned ARAY and see if he can let you listen to either a Chorus Reference or an Anthem Reference XLR.  I think this might work really nicely in your system.  Both these cables have a different tonal characteristic to the XLR cable you use at the moment so I think this will be a very interesting thing to try.

  • About Chord Cable XLR type,1. I would like to know between Chord Anthem 2 XLR & Chord Anthem Reference XLR which one is the last version. 2. If I connected from CDP or DAC to Pre amp by Chord Sarum Tuned Aray XLR, and from Pre amp to Power amp by Chord Anthem XlR.3. If I connected from CDP or DAC to Pre amp and from Pre amp to Power amp by Chord Anthem XlR.Between Item No.2 & 3 the sound much more or less more difference, If not much more difference I should selected item No.3 or not.Bast regardsChaiyanan

    1. I would like to know between Chord Anthem 2 XLR Chord Anthem Reference XLR which one is the last version.

    The most recent version of the Chord Anthem is the Chord Anthem Reference. It's a completely new design that was heavily influenced by our flagship Chord Sarum cable range.

    2. If I connected from CDP or DAC to Pre amp by Chord Sarum Tuned ARAY XLR, and from Pre amp to Power amp by Chord Anthem XLR.

    The Chord Sarum Tuned ARAY XLR really is quite remarkable and I know that it works particularly well with the Weiss DAC. Its level of transparency works particularly well and it will let you realise the performance of your DAC. Perhaps more importantly it really allows you into every aspect of the music you're listening to. It would be perfectly valid to put the Sarum Tuned ARAY between your source and pre-amp and the Anthem Reference between your pre and power.

    3. If I connected from CDP or DAC to Pre amp and from Pre amp to Power amp by Chord Anthem XLR.

    In view of question 2, if the original Anthem 2 XLR was between the pre amp to power amp then putting a Sarum Tuned ARAY XLR between the DAC and pre-amp would still be a very worthwhile thing to do. Between Item No.2 & amp; 3 the sound much more or less more difference, If not much more difference I should selected item No.3 or not.<

    In an ideal situation, there would be a Sarum Tuned ARAY XLR between the DAC and the pre and an Anthem Reference between the pre and the power. The two cables do share some performance characteristics, particularly in terms of dynamics and coherence.

  • Just interested in what speaker cables you would recommend.Had a house renovation and lost one of my original cables supplied by the shop when i bought the system and I don't know what it was.Have just purchased some cable recommended by local Hi Fi store was suspicious as it was cheap at 2.5 pounds a metre and indeed there seems to be a lack of depth and warmth to the sound i got with the original cables.Any help will be appreciated before i have new carpets laid on 21st May.Rgds Dave

     That's a nice system and without any hesitation I would have recommended Chord Odyssey as the cable to try.  You may well find that you can borrow a set to listen to.  It really does suit both your amplifier and speakers extremely well.

    Odyssey is white and has a diameter of 8mm.  There is however an installation version which doesn't have a jacket and therefore is easier to install underneath carpets.  There is no difference in sound quality, so if you could borrow a set as soon as you can, you can have a listen and then order the installation version.

  • Hi, I have a Bower & Wilkins Mt-60d speaker package with a Yamaha Aventage RXA3030 amp, it's going to be hooked upto a Marantz Ud7007. What cables would you recommend to get the best from the system?

    We have a speaker cable called Chord Rumour which has always shown a real synergy with Yamaha amplifiers and B&W speakers, particularly the smaller ones.  This would be ideal for the front channels and would make the most of the detail and dynamics on offer.  For the rear channel I would have a look at Chord Leyline.  This looks pretty much identical to Rumour.  The difference between the two cables is that where Rumour uses silver plated oxygen free copper conductors in combination with PTFE insulation, Leyline uses tin plated oxygen free copper in combination with Polyethylene insulation.  They are both twisted pair configuration and they work well together, so it's a very popular option to use Rumour for the front and Leyline for the rear, Leyline being designed to work really well over the longer runs typically needed and also being somewhat more cost effective. 

  • Hi, I'm relatively new to the audiophile world and would like some professional advice on connecting cables to my Castle Knight 1 speakers. I have just recently purchased them since going from a mass produced Panasonic speaker.I would like to have a rich, natural and clear sound with controlled bass as I would use them for my home cinema as well but mostly for music.I have been recommended the Sarsen cables and also would bi wire make much difference to the sound stage?Many thanks, Adrian

    Sarsen would be fine and help to give you a nicely detailed and coherent sound. as a general rule we tend to single rather than bi-wire as we feel this gives the most musically coherent results. I'll send you a separate attachment that goes into this in more detail.

  • I have bought Chord Carnival Silverscreen Speaker Cable prior to installing a tv. Simply need to know which end the source should be attached to.I presume it runs :-'SOURCE - then the wire reading 'The Chord Company' in the normal direction, finishing in the speakers?Is this correct.Thanks

    You're quite correct.

  • I'm looking to upgrade my speaker cables and get a new interconnects to make a use of Naim DIN sockets and use the full potential om my setup. I mainly listen to Jazz, Rock and World music.

    We really like the LS50s, we have a pair we use in our Dem Room quite a lot (we also have a pair of Blades!).  

    Cambridge Audio equipment tends to be very good value for money and as such, it's generally worth fitting a decent cable.  I'd suggest the following options and hopefully a local dealer might be able to let you have a listen.  

    The two obvious choices would be Cobra VEE 3 in 2 RCA to 5 pin DIN configuration and the Chorus Reference, again in the same configuration.  

  • I would like an advise about new speaker cables with length approx. 6 meter.Thanks

    We know the Primare components well.  There are three cables that I think you should consider.  The first would be Chord Odyssey.  This has been part of our cable line up for many years but it does work particularly well with Primare and will suit your speakers as well.  It's a reasonably cost effective speaker cable that offers a lot of performance for the money.  Better I think would be Chord Epic Twin.  This is identical to Odyssey in terms of conductors and materials, the difference being that Epic Twin has a very effective high frequency shield along its length, which really helps to improve detail, resolution, control and dynamics.  This I know works very well with your speakers.  

    The final option would Chord Epic Reference.  The design of Epic Reference is very influenced by our flagship Sarum speaker cable, so each set of conductors are separately shielded.  This is an expensive option but I think that your speakers are more than good enough to make this well worth a listen. 

  • Dear Cable Doctor, I recently purchased the Rega RP8 turntable and have it connected to the Lehmann phone stage. I'm looking to buy an interconnect that needs to go between the stage and my SuperNait 2. Which RCA cable would you recommend ? My speaker cables are Signature reference and the interconnects between both the cd player and the streamer to the Supernait 2 are Signature TA's (DIN).Thanks much for you advice.Best regards,Kris Jamar

    I'm somewhat envious! A reviewer I know has nothing but the highest praise for the Rega RP8. I haven't managed to hear one yet but I'm looking forward to getting the chance. Glad to see you've got Signature TA DIN cables. They'd be my choice in this system. Likewise the speaker cable.

    With regard to the phono stage to Supernait I would have a look at the Chord Chameleon VEE 3. This I know will suit the phono stage very well.

  • Which speaker cables need I use for this system ?

     I would suggest Chord Odyssey.  It works particularly well with both your amplifier and speakers and should really help to bring definition, control, detail and coherence.   

  • Hi, could you recommend an interconnect for my blu ray player into the pre amp. Have been using an old Linn interconnect and not happy with the sound. Don't have surround sound, using a two channel system. Many thanks

    I'm very happy to to recommend an interconnect for your Blu-ray player. If you use it purely for films Then I would suggest either a Crimson VEE 3 or better a Cobra VEE 3 in 2 RCA to 5 pin DIN configuration. The DIN connections on the Naim pre-amp do tend to sound better than the RCA connections and both these cable work well with Naim. We have been playing with both Blu-ray audio and SACD discs recently and If you are going to use the player for audio as well as film I would choose the Cobra VEE 3, it will let you hear more of what both these formats can offer.

  • dear sir, what would be the best possible matching inter-connect & SP cables for this combination ? medium budgetcables preferable. with regards martyn

    What springs to mind immediately would be a combination of a Chameleon VEE 3 interconnect and Odyssey speaker cable.  The speaker cable I know works particularly well with the DynAudio speakers and the Chameleon interconnect is remarkably transparent and coherent, given its price.  Have a chat with your local dealer and with a bit of luck he'll be able to let you have a listen.  

  • I would like to bi-amp my system with the above setup. The preamp has one 4pin DIN outlet and one RCA outlet. The NAP 200 amp has a 4pin Din inlet and the NAP 250 amp has an XLR inlet. Strange to me, the speaker cable is Naim's own NAC A5 cable which they say must be used to maintain warranty. I am new to Naim, have just purchased the speakers and it's been suggested the best option for me is to bi-amp thereby maximizing sound whilst reducing the cost of a $16000 amp. Could you please advise as to the most

    Not a problem.  We quite regularly produce interconnects to replace the Naim pre to power connections.  I think it would be important to replace both interconnects rather than just one as this will help to maintain a consistent tonal balance.  What I'd suggest would be either Cobra VEE 3 in 4 pin DIN to 4 pin DIN and 2 RCA to 1 XLR configuration or better (in terms of performance) Chorus Reference in the same configurations.  This I think would give you a better idea of the system's performance.

  • My Snell speakers are single wired with Chord Odyssey cable. Looking for speaker links. Will Chord Signature be a good choice or would you recommend a link made from Odyssey cable ?

    I've always had a real soft spot for the Snell loudspeakers and although I haven't heard it, I'd imagine they work very well with the NAP200.  There are two choices here.  The first would be to use Signature Links.  They work with all our speaker cables and in terms of sound quality, this would be my recommendation.  The other option is a lot less expensive.  You could simply replace the current links with short lengths of Odyssey speaker cable.  This could be simply cut, stripped and fitted to the binding posts.

    With best regards.

    Nigel Finn

  • Looking for a suitable cable configuration for the system.

    I would suggest that you see if you can get hold of a Cobra VEE 3, 2 RCA to 5 pin DIN interconnect.  We know that this suits the DAC Magic Plus very well and is also a very good match for the Naim amplifier.  You could of course also use a Crimson VEE 3, 2 RCA to 5 pin DIN but the DAC Magic is far better than its price would suggest and we found that cables like the Cobra VEE 3 suit it extremely well and allow you to hear how good it is.  If you could get this cable I would suggest that you also try it with your two phono stages as well (which one do you prefer?).  

    With regard to speaker cable I would suggest that Chord Rumour would be a very good choice.  Firstly it will match the amplifier, it will also help to bring control and definition and is a particularly good match with the Cobra VEE 3 interconnect as well.  

    Are you using the DAC Magic Plus with the Denon DVD?

  • I am going to replace my current speaker cable. My buget is up to £50 metre. What would you suggest?

    We know the speakers well, likewise the amplifier.  See if your local dealer will lend you a set of Chord Epic Twin to try.  This is a single rather than bi-wire cable and it will help to bring real coherence and detail to your set up.  Well worth a listen.

  • What interconnect is best to connect CD player to av receiver?Thanks

    Have a look, or better still a listen to a Chord Cobra VEE 3.  It suits Marantz equipment well and it should help you to hear the performance that the CD player is capable of, particularly in terms of detail and dynamics.  

  • What is proposed that interconnects and speaker cables?

    Thank you for your enquiry.  We had the Oppo BD-P95 here last year and were very impressed with it, particularly when it came to music (not something every Blu-Ray player is good at).  We thought it worked particularly well with our Chord Chameleon VEE 3 interconnect and we ended up matching this with a set of Chord Odyssey speaker cable.  Chord Odyssey I know suits your speakers well.  Triangle are a brand we are very impressed with so I would suggest that you talk to your dealer and see if you can listen to a set of Chord Chameleon VEE 3 interconnects in combination with a set of Chord Odyssey speaker cable, I think this will suit the system well.

  • Hi, just wondering if you guys make an interconnect for these amps?

    Yes we do.  I guess you're looking at either 4 pin DIN to 4 pin DIN or 4 pin DIN to 2 RCA ( I believe the 405 is available with both connections).  I would suggest either the Crimson VEE 3 or the Cobra VEE 3.  My personal choice is the Cobra VEE 3, I think it brings more detail and a greater sense of dynamic and coherence, but the cheaper Crimson is pretty popular as well.  It will need to be a special order, you can place it with your local dealer and when you do so, be sure to specify the equipment.  If there is any confusion, then ask the retailer to contact us.


    We know that the Cobra VEE 3 suits your CD player well.  It is broadly similar in design to your current Crimson VEE 3.  However, it uses silver plated conductors in place of the copper conductors in the Crimson VEE 3.  It would give more detail, better definition and better dynamics.  Another point though is the consideration of the Oppo player you are getting.  Musically we think the Oppo players are very good and we thought when we had one here that the Chameleon VEE 3 suited it really well.  This being the case I think you really ought to get the Chameleon VEE 3 and try it with both your current Denon CD player and also the Oppo when you get it.

  • Hi. My name is Ilja. I am from LATVIA.So, RCA Cables, acoustic cables, and usb cable from pc to dac.Delailed, balanced sound, with good dynamic.. good middle range, and bass.. something like that :)

    We know the DAC and amplifier well and I would think that this is a good combination.  The speakers I haven't come across but looking at their specification they look well suited to the Sugden amplifier.  What I would suggest is that you look at the Chord Chameleon VEE 3 interconnect in combination with a set of Chord Odyssey speaker cable.  Both these products seem particularly well suited to the Sugden amplifier and the Odyssey speaker cable has always suited speakers with similar specifications to yours.  I rather suspect you've put together a nicely musical system and these cables should help you to get the best from it.

    Finally, I would suggest the Chord USB Silver Plus.  It's very good value and offers a lot of performance for the money.

    This is a link to a Hi-fi News Review on the USB Silver Plus.  You will also find a review of the Chord Chameleon VEE 3 from Hifi World which may be of interest.

  • Hi,I have recently changed amplifier to a Naim Supernait 2. I am currently using Chorus 2 interconnects (2 x RCA - 2 x RCA) from both sources into the DIN sockets on my amp using RCA - DIN adapters.I cannot help but I feel I would benefit from a properly terminated 2 RCA - DIN cable and get rid of the adapters.With regards to budget, I can afford the Cobra, my question is will this be a sensible move? The Chorus is generally higher up the product range so in theory the Cobra could be a downgrade, however

      That's a tricky question.  You are quite right in your assumption that the DIN connections on the Naim amplifier are generally a better option than the RCA sockets.  However, in your set up it is slightly complicated.  The Chorus 2 does work so nicely with the Rega DAC, I guess you're running the Rega CD player through the DAC.  We have both the DAC and the CD player here and we think that they are really quite outstanding, especially given the price.  Could I suggest please that you try the following experiment.  Pick a piece of music you know well, play it via the DIN adaptors and then play it with the cables connected directly to the RCA sockets on the back of the Super Nait and see which sounds better.  This would give you some idea of what direction to go in.  

  • It has recently been suggested to me that benefits are gained by having system cables (interconnects and speaker) sourced from one supplier.In my head I have difficulties dealing with this concept as many systems (mine included) are based around equipment from different manufacturers. I struggle to understand how cables from a single manufacturer are necessarily going to be the best option to connect equipment from these companies particularly with the different technologies used.Are there really benefits t

    To some extent, there is a logic to the idea of a system loom from one manufacturer in as much as it is likely firstly that interconnects and speaker cable compliment each other and secondly that the same design principles have been applied to all the products.  That said, it is perfectly possible to mix different brands of cables together and end up with a combination that works very well indeed.  This can either be luck or judgement.  More often, in my experience, luck comes into play because most people don't have an endless supply of cables to play with.  

    From our point of view, our cable designs should have as little effect as possible.  In other words they should have as little tonal effect on the signal as we can manage, they should make sure that the signal arrives with the minimal amount of interference and they should have as little effect on the system components as can be managed.  In truth, every cable to some extent has a tonal characteristic, so again, that consistency of tonal characteristic (however minimal) right through the system could often help to make the system really coherent and really coherent obviously means music that is far more involving and pleasurable to listen to.  

    If you'd like to let me know what other cables you are using I would be very happy to make some suggestions.  I'm glad you've got Odyssey.  Firstly I know it works very well with valve amps and secondly it does suit your speakers rather well.  

  • I'm considering using a long ethernet cable, maybe C-Stream, to connect my Superuniti to my router as WiFi is a bit unreliable. The shortest route I could take would be 10m but I'd need to drill holes in thick stone walls and joists. This would be MUCH easier if I could feed an un-terminated cable through and add a plug afterwards. Is this possible?Also, I need to go round some tight bends; what is the tightest radius you would recommend to avoid damage to the cable?

    Thank you for your enquiry.  We do tend to think that an Ethernet cable is a better option than Wi-Fi.  However, the C-stream is not available unterminated.  I understand the reasons for wanting unterminated, certainly makes it easier to route but during the development of the C-stream and general investigations into streaming cables, one of the things that became really obvious was that the quality of the termination (cable to connector) was pretty critical.  Likewise the quality of connection between plug and socket.  We kept the outer casing of the plug as small as possible so the plug will fit through a 15 mm hole and the minimum bend radius is is around 50 mm.

  • I will be using this as a second system and currently have Townshend Isolda speaker cable but in lengths that are too short for where it will be placed unfortunately, what cable would best suit the setup whilst preserving the transparency and slam of the townshend. Densen recommended

    Currently my office system is using my rather old but still sounding great Densen DM10. I used it at home for several years and I do know that I listened to a lot of our speaker cables with it. We've also had the Guru speakers here (very good and very musical).  Have a chat with your local dealer and see if he can lend you a set of Chord Odyssey speaker cable to try.  At the same time though, I think it would be worth listening to a set of Chord Epic as well.  I am very happy that both of these cables are compatible with your system.

  • What interconnect cable is a good replacement for Camellon Silver Plus?

    The Chameleon should be pretty well suited to your system, Is it broken? If so it can be sent back and repaired under warranty.

    If not broken you could return it to us and have it upgraded to the latest Chameleon VEE 3 specification. This would involve fitting the latest VEE 3 RCA plugs and reconfiguring the internal conductors. The improvement is quite significant and it would cost little to have this done. It's worth pointing out that the actual cable hasn't changed, so this really would be a right up to date interconnect. The interesting thing about doing this is that the one area where you could make a significant improvement to your system would be the speaker cable. I know it's not the most expensive equipment but we've always been so impressed with the Roksan Kandy components. They are so coherent and musical. The RS1s are great speakers too. You could speak to your local dealer and see if he could lend you a set of Chord Rumour or Chord Odyssey to try, both of which I think would be a significant improvement over your Carnival SilverScreen. You'd get more detail, better dynamics and a greater sense of coherence. I hope this is useful. If you'd like to return the Chameleon either for return or upgrade, please get in touch and we'll supply details.

    With best regards.

    Nigel Finn

  • I have just bought 3 C-stream cables and am looking for advice on direction. Understand source first from router to NDS but what is the direction from Unitiserve SSD to router, and NAS drive to router? Also is it worthwhile installing an additional one from my PC to the router - and if so in what direction.

    When we played with theses connection we got the best results (sound quality) by treating the NAS drive as source. I rather suspect that you should also treat the Unitiserve as source as well. Hope this makes sense.

  • Which interconnect would you recommend?I an currently demoing the Cobra 3 Vee which I like but feel there may be a degree of 'airiness' and subtlety missing.Would appreciate your guidance.

    What a lovely system you've put together, the Saturn-R is one the very best CD players around, and very musical. You're quite right, the Cobra VEE 3 is good but The Chameleon VEE 3 would start to show you how good the Saturn-R is and in truth you could go a lot higher and carry on hearing quite big musical improvements. I can only suggest that you have a think about how much you'd like to spend and then see if your dealer can let you try the cable out. Silly as this may sound the quality of the player would justify something like the Signature Tuned ARAY, it really is that good.

  • I have just upgraded system with the new Dac and am looking for an interconnect for CD and Sonos into Dac looking to get the best out of the system

    Have a talk with your local dealer and see if he can let you try a Chord Anthem Digital Tuned ARAY and a Chord Signature Digital Tuned ARAY. Both of these are to try between the CD and DAC, the Tuned ARAY digital interconnects are rather special and these will both we worth listening to, particularly I suspect the Signature (it seems to suit the Cyrus DAC very well) 

    With regard to the Sonos There would be nothing to stop you using either a Prodac or even the Anthem digital, but you may well find that the system as a whole sounds better if the Sonus is isolated from it by using an optical cable. We played around with this and in some systems the optical whilst not sounding as good in isolation does make the system as whole sound better, and given the potential of your system this may well be the case here. 

  • I'd be grateful if you could suggest speaker cables for the above configuration.

    Thank you for your enquiry. There are a couple of Chord speaker cables that really suit your amplifier and speakers, they Chord Rumour and Chord Odyssey. They are identical in terms of materials and construction, they both use silver plated conductors in combination with PTFE insulation and the conductors are arranged in a twisted pair configuration.  The difference between the two comes down to the size of the conductors.  Odyssey has heavier gauge conductors than Rumour and the heavier gauge conductors can really help with control and definition, particularly across the bass frequencies.  

  • I have the Super screen mains would I hear a difference if I went for your purple coloured cable it would be going on the amp

    That's a difficult one to answer. However, you will find that most of our dealers would let you take one home and make the comparison for yourself, which I think would be the thing to do. I don't doubt that the Power Chord is a better cable than the SuperScreen, however I think the only way to reach a conclusion as to whether the upgrade is worth it in your system is to try one for yourself.

  • Tuner is used rarelyhave had to use current leads on another component , but wish to reconnect tuner

    You would need to order a 5 pin din to 2 RCA cable and when you order you will need to specify that the Din is connected on pins 3 and 5. We could supply this cable using either Crimson VEE 3 or Cobra VEE 3 cables, I would be inclined to recommend the Crimson VEE 3 and your local dealer  should be happy to order this for you.

  • Hi there, I'm currently using the above system with a full set up of chord cables recommended by yourself and my local Audio T retailer. I currently use the Odyssey 2 speaker cable, the Anthem XLR to connect the pre amp and power amps and I use the signature digital coaxial tuned array for the cd player. The combination sounds fantastic but if anything I may upgrade the speaker cable at a later date. I was possibly thinking of the epic twin or epic reference, what would you recommend. Also I only use standa

    Dear Dave 

    I think both Epic Twin and Epic Reference would be worth listening to. I'm guessing your local dealer is Audio T and they may well have sets of both cables you can listen to. We also have some very high quality adaptors that will allow sets of cables fitted with banana plugs to be used with Cyrus systems and if they give us a call we can lend them to them so you can use them with your system. 

    As far as plugs go the banana plug we use is our own and it's the best sounding plug we've come across, they are made for us in the UK and 24kt gold-plated. We use the standard BFA plug which we solder rather than screw and we think works well. 

    With best regards


  • Your recommended balanced interconnects

    We have a CDQ and pair of 8200Ms here and we thought that Chameleon XLRs worked really with them. I'd very happily recommend them. You could also try a set of Cadenza reference as well. We really liked the coherence and balance that the Chameleons bought, the Cadenza adds to this but brings a bigger bolder and more dynamic sound which I think would rather suit your speakers. 

  • Hi Nigel, I recently enquired about Epic speaker cable for my system. I have now been offered some used Epic Reference cable at a price that is difficult to refuse. Will I be going

    No, absolutely not. You will more than hear what Epic Reference does over Epic Twin. One of the real problems a company like us faces is that with everything we've done in the Dem Room we know that better speaker cables and interconnects equal better sound, almost regardless of the system. To prove a point to one of our distributors, I once demonstrated our complete range of speaker cables using one of our reference budget systems, including a pair of albeit very good £250 speakers. There is a point where the upgrade gets silly, in as much as a better component may well be a better choice, but frankly I think that Epic Reference will simply show you how good your system is. Go for it !

  • Hi. I bought chord digital cable prodac . I use to connect my chord cables so text on a cable could be read from source. Example - speakers cables , text could be read from amp to speakers.The thing is with digital cable there's a problem. It has golden 2 arrows that should point away from source( so it says in the Manuel ) but if I connect digital cable so golden arrows point away from source then text on cable will be going towards source , not away from it.All my chord cables connected so text on cable go

    We try very hard to ensure that the text on our cables reads in the correct direction. However about 18 months ago we made some improvements to the Chord Prodac and, as with any new cable, when it arrives we carry out listening tests. When we did this with the Prodac there was no doubt that it sounded better with the text running in the opposite direction. So in order to make sure that customers got the best performance from the cable we fitted arrows to the cable to show the best direction. So please use the arrows pointing from the source towards the DAC this will give the best sound.

  • I am thinking of buying a 'Chord Cobra VEE 3 stereo RCA to DIN' interconnect to connect my Panasonic DMP-BDT500 Blu ray player to a Naim NAC 52 pre amp. The cable would need to be 9m long. Is this cable suitable to be used over this length without degradation?ThanksMike

    Thank you for your e-mail. Not a problem.The Chord Cobra VEE 3 has high quality conductors and excellent shielding, so a 9 metre length will not be a problem.Your local dealer should be happy to order it for you.

  • I've just bought some new Chord Sarsen cable from an approved online Dealer. Is the cable directional? If so, which way do you run it? I assume reading the wording from left to right that the left-side is the amp? Thanks

    Thank you for your e-mail. The text should read from the amplifier towards the speaker.

  • Can I have Chord Sarum Speaker cables terminated with Neutrik instead of Banana plug or spade ? I'm asking this because my Klimax Solo's binding post is Neutrik.Best regardsErik Hansson

    Dear Erik

    Thank you for your e-mail. Yes we are happy to terminate Sarum speaker cables with the Neutrik plugs.

    With best regards


  • Hi - I've been using Chord Odyssey 4 to bi-amp my front speakers from my Yamaha receiver. I've recently purchased a seperate power amp to improve my stereo SQ. This only has two speaker terminals per channel. Ideally I'd like to upgrade to Epic but in the mean time can my Odyssey 4 be returned to Chord to be reterminated to 2 bannana plugs at the amy end? RegardsMartin

    Your Odyssey 4 can indeed be re-terminated to 2 plugs at the amplifier end. If you would be kind enough to acknowledge receipt of this e-mail, I will forward your details to our Customer Services department.

  • I am purchasing a NAIM UNITI LITE with NEAT IOTA speakers. These units are will be installed in a new build garden room approx 5m x 3m. The speaker cable will be installed in wall and out of sight. I am not keen on NAIM speaker cable as it it not too flexible Could you recommend a cable approx lengths say 5 mtrsThank you

     There are two cables that would be very good choices for this system.  One would be Rumour and the other Odyssey.  Both cables are identical in design, build and materials.  Where they differ is that Odyssey has heavier gauge conductors that bring a greater sense of dynamics and control.  Both cables use silver plated conductors in combination with PTFE insulation and have a PVC outer jacket.  Rumour is 6mm in diameter and Odyssey 8mm.  Both are flexible and both are particularly suitable for installing within a wall.  Apart from sound quality, silver plated conductors and PTFE insulation are remarkably resistant to corrosion.  PTFE insulation prevents the ingress of either air or water and this is what makes these cables such a good long term proposition.

  • HiI am looking to connect the Dragonfly (3.5mm) to a Naim NAC 62 (Din) Do you stock a solution or wouldthis require custom manafacture?

    We do have a stock solution.  It's the Chord iChord and it's available in 3.5mm minijack to 5 pin DIN.  It would be perfect for this.  If your local dealer doesn't have one in stock, he will be happy to order one for you.

  • I connect my Arcam irdock to my Linn Classik using Chord Crimson Plus interconnects, my question is are the Crimson Plus cables directional & how do you tell?

    The Crimson Plus should be connected so that the C of Chord is nearest the irdock, in other words the text reads in the direction of the signal.  

  • I have noticed that in both the interconnect and speaker ranges of Chord cables, there is use of some silver material.Can I find out which is the highest range of all-copper material in your Chord interconnect and speaker cables in the Chord hierarchy of various models offered, please? i.e., which is the best/most well-designed all-copper i/c and spk cable that Chord has designed in terms of performance and value.I am thinking of getting a din-to-din i/c to connect the CD 5xs to the 202, and considering a c

    Thank you for your enquiry.  In terms of interconnects and cables that use copper instead of silver plated copper then your choice is limited to the Crimson VEE 3 and either Carnival Classic or Carnival SilverScreen speaker cable.  Pretty much every other interconnect and speaker cable uses silver plated conductors.

    There is still a common perception that cables that use silver or silver plated conductors sound inherently bright.  We don't believe that this is the case.  We've been using silver plated conductors for many many years.  The reason we do so is that we believe that they carry audio signals more accurately and over a wider bandwidth (particularly at the frequency extremes) than copper.

    The important thing is the choice of insulation materials.  All our experimentation leads us to think that silver as a conductor is extremely reactive to the choice of insulation material.  If anything other than FEP or PTFE is used we believe that unwanted tonal colorations are introduced.  These typically take the form of a perceived increase centred around a particular bass frequency.  This tends to produce bass notes that have less melodic movement than they should.  The other characteristic is that of a rising treble.  This is how silver has got its undeserved reputation for being inherently bright.  I hope this is of interest to you.  Whilst I think that the copper cables I have mentioned above certainly will work with your system, I must be honest and say I think some of our other cables would allow you to enjoy your system and your music an awful lot more.

    I'm currently using a CD5XS in my office system.  It's being used with Signature Tuned ARAY interconnects.  We are currently playing Counting Crows Across a Wire Live in New York City and it sounds absolutely wonderful.  They're a great live band and the combination of CD5XS and Tuned ARAY really helps to connect with what are some brilliant and emotional performances.  

  • Would it be possible to make me up a 1 metre interconnect (4-pin DIN to 4 pin DIN) to hook up my Quad 44 with my Quad 606? Let me know the price and how to go about ordering.Best Regards,Tony

    Thank you for your enquiry. Not a problem. We could produce you a 4 pin DIN to 4 pin DIN to use between your 44 and 606 using either Crimson VEE 3 or Cobra VEE 3, my inclination being to suggest the Cobra VEE 3, simply because I know it works particularly well with Quad equipment. (At the time of writing) the Crimson version would cost £99.00 and the Cobra £125.00. You can order the cable via your local dealer but please be sure to specify that it is for use with Quad. This way we will fit the correct DINs and also ensure that the wiring is correct. This is important because Naim Audio also use a 4 pin DIN to 4 pin DIN cable and somewhat predictably, both companies use different wiring. If you have any problem ordering this, please do come back and talk to us.

  • HiI have Chord signature speaker cables single wired and signature RCA connecting the power and pre amp.Currently I use Chord signature digital to connect the cd transport to the preamp (which has dac in).I need to add a new digital device to system and therefore am wondering if rather than just but another chord signature coax, I actually upgrade the connection between the CD player and Preamp and move the chord I have.The question is how much of a gain will I get by going to a higher product and what leve

     I think you need to try a different digital cable, one of the new Tuned ARAY series. The Tuned ARAY Digital cables are a seriously big step forward in terms of performance, and you own what was always considered to be on of the best transports available (for a while the combination of DVD32R and Chord DAC64 was considered to the ultimate CD system)  Have a talk with your local dealer and see if he could let you listen to the new Signature Digital Tuned ARAY. This is completely new design and the only thing it shares in common with your Signature is the name.  

  • What Cable you suggest? I was looking for Chord Signature 2x2m Single Wire.Thanks, Kind regards

    The Devialet is a great amplifier and yes Signature would be a very good option. That said we have a new cable called Epic Reference. This is like Signature in terms of construction and, although it's slightly cheaper, I think it might suit your speakers particularly well. If you can get to listen to a set I think it might be the better option.

  • Chord Chameleon VEE3 interconnect - I just purchased a pair of this cable but couldnt find any

    The Chord Chameleon should be installed so that the text on the cable reads from the source to the pre-amp, so the C of Chord should be nearest the source.

  • Hello, I've just purchased some chord chorus interconnect cables, and was wondering what is the best way to burn them in? thanks

    Dear Tony,

    Thank you for your enquiry. Assuming you have a CD player I would suggest connecting the Chorus (Reference?) to the CD player and amplifier and leaving a CD on repeat. You don't need to have the volume turned up on the amplifier, so it can be done silently. We find that music with lots of high frequency energy tends to be more effective. I came across a band called The Besnard Lakes. The first CD I had was called The Besnard Lakes are the Roaring Night which is fabulous. Anyone who likes guitar with lots of effects on it will love it. The first song in particular we played a lot. It also happened to be, because of the frequencies, a good disc for burning in cables with. There is a new album called Until in Excess, imperceptible UFO which is equally good. There are burn in discs available but we do think that ultimately, music works better.I hope this is useful and I hope that if you listen to them, you enjoy the Besnard Lakes.

    With best regards.

    Nigel Finn

  • Hello,I want to ask you if it's possible to use the Crimson VEE 3 as a phono cable for my turntable?

    Absolutely no reason you shouldn't use the Crimson VEE 3. However, you will need to order one that is configured for use with turntables. In order to achieve the best performance when any of our interconnects are used with turntables, we make a small change to the configuration of the shield. All our interconnects will work well with turntables and all you have to do is specify that you require it for use with a turntable at the point of ordering.

  • Which interconnects would be best suited to my equipment. I currently have Chord Cobra 2.

    We know the NAD CD players and amplifiers well and think they are fantastic value for money. You should try a Chord Chameleon VEE 3. This we know works particularly well and will show you just how detailed and musically coherent the NAD CD player is.

    This is going to work just fine with your Carnival SilverScreen speaker cable. However, at some point you should try and get a listen to either some Chord Rumour or some Chord Odyssey. Both cables work particularly well with both the NAD amplifier and the B&W speakers. They will really help with detail, dynamics, control and definition, particularly when used with Chameleon VEE 3.

  • What 5Din to 5Din cable do you advise me to advantageously replace the cable provided by Naim?

    The cable to look at would be the Chord Chorus Reference, this works well with your Naim Nait 5i and your Naim CD5 si. This is a relatively new cable and it borrows some of the ARAY technology we developed for our Sarum cables. In DIN to DIN configuration it works particularly well with Naim equipment and should give you lots more detail, dynamics and coherence. It will also let you hear just how musical your system is.

  • Hi, Please can you recommend a suitable interconnect to replace my current Van Den Hul interconnect which will improve performance of my system. I will eventually be upgrading my speakers to some pmc floorstanding speakers.

    Thank you for your enquiry. Have a look at the Chord Cobra VEE 3 in 2 RCA to 5 pin DIN configuration. We have no doubt that in almost every case, using the DIN sockets on the Naim produces the best sound quality. Cobra VEE 3 is relatively new but it does suit both the Rega and the Naim particularly well. You may find that your local dealer will have one you can have a listen to.

  • I need to improve the digital 75ohm inter-connect between the digital out on CD and the Beresford Dac. I have some Sky sat cable with silver soldered phono plugs I made up and am getting quite goods results (better than a Nuetrik phono cable tried). Dac is very new having only had 5-6 hours 'run in' so far so not giving its best yet! Also using some custom phono to phono from DAC to amp and they are estimated to be equivalent to cables in £200 plus quality (as tested by 3 of us & many comaprisons with cables

    Have a chat with your local retailer and see if he can let you have a listen to a Chord Prodac VEE 3. This works extremely well with the Beresford DAC and would be well worth trying.

  • Hi What cables can you suggest for my system?RegardsMiroslaw

    We know Primare and B&W speakers very well, so for interconnects I would suggest either the Chord Chameleon VEE 3 or the Chord Cadenza VEE 3. The Cadenza is the more expensive of the two but is based on an earlier design that always performed particularly well with Primare. It will help to make the most of dynamics and detail.

    For speaker cable I would highly recommend Chord Odyssey speaker cable. It will suit the Primare and will also perform particularly well with the B&W speakers. By separate e-mail I will send you a document about the best way to connect speakers.

    You have a very good headphone amplifier. I use a headphone amplifier at home and, although it appears a slightly expensive option compared to the cost of the headphone amplifier, I really would suggest the Chord Chameleon VEE 3. It's a very popular choice with headphone users and is the cable I choose to use at home.

  • I need an interconnect to connect my amp to headphone amp. I am using Cyrus interconnect at the moment and there is not much bass. I'm using Shure srh1840 headphones at £500. I'm using an Atlas Compass coax for cd to amp.

    Have a look at the (or better still a listen) to a Chord Chameleon VEE 3. It's a very popular cable for both Cyrus users and headphone users. I use one at home for exactly this purpose. Have a talk with your local dealer. He will probably be able to let you take one home to listen to.

  • Hi - I currently use the original design Anthem interconnect (twisted red and black cables) and original Chord Odyssey. How much difference could I realistically expect to hear with a set of new Anthem Reference and, say, Epic cables? Would this set-up suit my system?

    The quick answer is the improvements will border on profound. The new Anthem Reference uses a variation of the technology we developed for the Chord Sarum Tuned ARAY. With the Anthem we use a simplified ARAY, however the improvements this brings to detail, dynamics, definition, in fact pretty much every area of musical performance is pretty big. In terms of finding out for yourself I would suggest that you have a chat with your local retailer. Most of our dealers have demonstration sets of cable which they are happy to let customers take home and try.

  • Good afternoon. I just acquired a Naim Nait 5i amplifier and I am looking to buy speaker cables. I would like to choose a good set of cables from Chord. My hi fi is positioned between the speakers so I would ideally like to use short (ish) speaker cable(i.e. 2m). Naim stresses that cables need to be 3.5m minimum in length. Is that indeed important or can I safely use 2m? What Chord cables would you recommend? Many thanks

    On the very first Naim amplifiers the length of speaker cable is critical, the speaker cable formed part of the circuit. With amplifiers like yours this is no longer so important. However, in terms of sound quality, Naim recommend that a length of 3 metres should be the minimum used. The amplifier will work with a 2 metre run but it will sound considerably better with a 3 metre run. Given the potential quality of your system I would be inclined to suggest the 3 metre length. It is also quite important to correctly deal with the surplus cable, the crucial thing being not to coil it up. Regardless of the system you use, coiling up surplus speaker cable can have quite a bad effect on sound quality. You can fold the cable back on itself and this works pretty well.

    In terms of suggested speaker cables it's a good system (I think it's going to sound very musical). I would have a look at Chord Odyssey.This we know works well with Naim amplifiers and is also particularly good with Monitor Audio speakers as well.

  • Hi, I have DNM reson cables for this setup and I was wondering about a specific low inductance low capacitance cable. It strikes me that Chord Signature might be there for electrostatics. with the copper cable and foam dielectrics. please advise me

    Signature speaker cable does work well with Electrostatic speakers. It is certainly worth talking to your local retailer. He may well have a demonstration set that he can let you have a listen to in your own system. At the same time though, it would also be worth seeing if he has a set of Chord Epic speaker cable you can listen to as well. Although this is considerably cheaper than the Signature, it's another cable that we know is very popular with Electrostatic speaker users.

  • Recommended unbalanced RCa interconnect cable (£200 - £300) budget- Thanks.

    We know the Cambridge equipment well and are happy to make some recommendations. The Chord Chameleon VEE 3 works very well and was always popular with the 840A and 840C, However, step up to the Cadenza Reference and you will get a bolder and more dynamic sound with a greater sense of performance. Given the quality of the 851 series, this will be very worthwhile.

  • 6.35 mono jacks to rca

    We could supply a pair of 6.35 mm mono jacks to RCA plugs in pretty much any of our cables. From experience the Cobra VEE 3 and Chameleon VEE 3 are both very good choices.

  • Which speaker cable do you recommend with my setup?

    I would be happy to recommend speaker cable. We know both the amplifier and speakers well and the two obvious choices would be Chord Odyssey or Chord Epic speaker cable. Both of these work well with the Cambridge amplifier and they also suit the Dynaudio speakers rather well. Both have identical conductors, the difference being that Epic has a very effective high frequency shield. This does produce better definition and detail with a greater sense of control and dynamics and I think this would be worth listening to.

  • As a pre amp I am using AV amplifier Yamaha DSP A1, Rotel rb 991 has enough power to pilot Ipl. Which interconect and which speakers cable would you recommand me?

    Have a look at Chord Odyssey. We know that this works very well with Rotel amplifiers and it will also suit your IPL speakers really nicely. In terms of interconnects to connect the Yamaha to the Rotel, I would suggest that you have a look at either Chord Cobra VEE 3 or Chord Chameleon VEE 3. Both these cables seem to work particularly well with both Yamaha and Rotel amplifiers. They both use silver plated conductors in combination with PTFE insulation and this also makes them ideal for use with the Odyssey speaker cable as well.

  • Would I hear much a difference between Chord rumour 2 and Chord Odyssey 2 if I was using a short length of 1.2 meters as i believe the only difference is conductors size and does that only matter for longer length.Thankyou

    You are quite right in your assumption that the only difference is in the size of the conductors. However, whilst your comments about longer lengths are entirely right, there is more to it than that. What the bigger conductors of Odyssey tend to bring is a greater sense of dynamics, control, definition and as a result of this, a greater sense of musical coherence, noticeable right across the frequency range. Odyssey also suits your Naim amplifier rather nicely as well and in this case I think Odyssey will give you the most musical and detailed sound. Lots of our dealers carry demonstration lengths so it may well be that if you talk to your local dealer he may be able to let you listen to a set.

  • I need flat speaker cable to run under a carpet to one of the speakers. Any ideas?

    We don't actually produce any flat cables but we do produce installation versions of our Chord Rumour and Chord Odyssey speaker cables. Both of these would suit the system well and if there was space then Odyssey, in particular, would work really well. It suits both Naim amplifiers and Quad Electrostatic speakers. The dimensions are as follows: Rumour Install is a twisted pair design with a maximum dimension of 4mm. Odyssey is the same design but the heavier gauge conductors give it a maximum dimension of 6mm. If it is possible to run Odyssey, I think this would really help to get the full benefit from what is a very nice system. Rumour will work well as well and finally I should also mention Chord Sarsen. This is a new speaker cable to our range with a diameter of only 3.4mm. It does work well, it is incredibly easy to install and, if size really is critical, you could bear this in mind as well.

  • Hey, what speaker cable do you recommend for this configuration? Sorry for my English :)

    We know these components well and I would suggest that you use Chord Odyssey speaker cable. This will work well with the NAD and it really suits the excellent Monitor Audio RX6s. It will help to bring control, definition and dynamics and make for a thoroughly enjoyable and musical system.

  • I need an interconnect from the Naim tape DIN socket to 2 phono on the headphone amp. I need this to have pins 1 & 4 connected for

    The default wiring for a Crimson VEE 3 DIN to 2 RCA is pins 3 and 5 (the output pins for a Naim CD player) We are happy to supply the Crimson wired on pins 1 and 4 for use with the tape socket on a Naim. All you need to is to request that you require pins 1 and 4 wired when you order it.

  • Please recommend interconnects and speaker cable for the above kit. Currently using Chord Rumour bi-wired and QED Silver spiral (CD to Pre) and QED Quenex 2 (Pre to Powers). I find that I am lacking in top end detail and timing of the instruments. No isolation or power filtration is in place.

    You should certainly have great detail and timing from this system. It's a good combination. Have a chat with your local retailer and see if he can lend you a couple of Chameleon VEE 3 interconnects to try in your system. First of all, these do work very well with Cyrus equipment and should certainly help with detail levels (quite dramatically I suspect). In terms of timing and coherence, the Chameleon VEE 3 is also likely to bring big improvements. It's a surprisingly transparent cable so it will be easy to hear exactly what the Cyrus is doing and on top of that, it also works particularly well with Chord Rumour speaker cable. The sum of the two is greater than the parts. So these should give you detail, timing, dynamics and excellent musical coherence.

  • Your Recommended RCA to DIN (Naim recommends) or RCA to RCA interconnect and Speaker cable. Thanks

    We have the Rega DAC here and have also been using some Kef LS50s in our Dem room. Have a look at the Cobra VEE 3 2 RCA to 5 pin Din. This is a cable that suits both the Rega and the Naim really well. For speaker cables I would suggest that you look at Chord Odyssey. This will really help to bring definition and control, particularly to the bass frequencies. Use this combination of cables and you should end up with a detailed, dynamic and most importantly of all a musically coherent sound.

  • I'd like to know which speak cable would work with the above equipment? Exhaustive reading on the internet show chord to be THE company to go to for a decent set of wires/plugs. I've looked at the Odyssey and the Rumour which are both in my price range but I'd like to know what the advantages are of each...I play vinyl exclusively with the odd bit of radio and i'm into bluegrass/rock/jazz/anything...Best/Rob

    As chance would have it we have been playing with 8200 CDQ and a pair of Audiolab mono blocks in the Dem room recently. Odyssey and Rumour are identical in terms of design and materials. They both use silver plated conductors in combination with PTFE insulation. They are both a twisted pair design and they both have a white PVC outer jacket to help damp mechanically induced noise. The difference is in the size of the conductors; Rumour's conductors are 16 AWG and Odyssey's are 12 AWG. There are two good reasons for using Odyssey. First of all, it has always been a very good cable to use with Audiolab amplifiers and secondly it's a very good choice for IMF speakers as well. The heavier gauge conductors really help to control and define particularly across the bass frequencies, so this should give you a really nicely detailed but very coherent (and if you are playing bluegrass, that gets to be pretty important) sound.

    It's funny how many music lovers let bluegrass pass them by. I'm coming to the conclusion that the top bluegrass players are some of the most adept musicians you are likely to come across.

  • I bought some Chord Silverscreen speaker cable from you just over a year ago, now my wife keeps complaining about the thick white cable that is showing in front of the french doors too the rhs speaker. Do you do a thin or flat speaker that would be just as good with my speaker as the silver screen? If so, I could run it under the carpet.

    I think we probably have the perfect cable for you. Go and have a look at Chord Sarsen. Sarsen was developed as a high performance but extremely discreet speaker cable. Its overall diameter is about 3.4mm; it is white, is extremely flexible and in every listening test we've done it sounds better than Carnival SilverScreen. The clever bit about this is the use of FEP as an insulation. This really helps it to work well over a wide band width. Looking at the system I reckon that this will work both ways. You should get an improvement in sound quality and your wife should get a near invisible cable. In fact, cut a slot in the underlay and I think this will run happily under the carpet.

  • I would appreciate knowing which analogue interconnect to use between these 2 units, (it is only these 2 units I have).

    Given the potential quality of this system I think it's worth some experimentation. We've been doing quite a lot with headphone amplifiers of late and there are very definite benefits to using high resolution cables. Have a talk with your local retailer and see if you can borrow some cables to try. What I would suggest is that you look at the Chord Chameleon VEE 3 as a start point. It's a surprisingly good cable and is very popular for this sort of application (I use a pair of these with a headphone amplifier at home). You could also though have a listen to the Chord Chorus Reference. This is a relatively new cable and the design is based on our flagship Tuned ARAY cables.Both of these would be really interesting to listen to, let me know how you get on.

    With best regards

    Nigel Finn

  • I have Chord Epic Twin speaker cables but I only have a Naim interconnect between my CD player and Preamp. I only want 0.5 m length but it seems the top interconnect I can purchase is the Anthem. Although a Signature is also recommended, it only comes in a 1m length.Question 1: Is the Anthem the best interconnect at 0.5m I can buy which compliments my speaker cables.Question 2: If I can purchase a 0.5m Signature interconnect, is this a good match and how much will it cost. I obviously have 5 pin din connect

    We have the same combination of CD, pre-amp and power amplifier here which we use in our Dem Room on occasion. Our interconnect range has undergone some dramatic changes recently, all of them driven by the development work we did on our flagship Tuned ARAY interconnects. So the DIN to DIN options have changed. They are as follows.

    One important point to make though is that in all the listening tests we've carried out, we have always thought that when used with Naim equipment, 1 metre cables sound considerably better than 0.5 metre cables. The 1 metre cables produce the most coherent sound. This is so marked that we would always recommend using 1 metre cables (regardless of the type) with Naim Audio equipment.

    Chord Chorus Reference is available in DIN to DIN. This uses an adaptation of the ARAY technology we developed on the Sarum interconnects and the DIN to DIN version works well with the CDX2 . The new Anthem Reference is a similar design to the Chorus but the Anthem is not available in DIN to DIN configuration any more. This is due to the size of the conductors, so it's a practicality rather than a performance issue. There is however a new version of the Signature interconnect about to be launched. This uses the same Tuned ARAY technology as the Sarum and is available in DIN to DIN configuration. Tuned ARAY technology is rather special and extremely transparent. It will certainly show you just how impressive and musically coherent your system is. I think this would be worth listening to. We are expecting the Signature Tuned ARAY to be available at some point in April and it would be worth having a listen to.

  • Hello, I would like to know if the Chord Chameleon VEE 3 would be a good match for my equipment, bearing in mind that I will be upgrading my amp to a Lehmann Audio Highlander headphone amp in the near future? I listen to all styles of music and am concerned that silver coated cables in general could be a bit bright and brittle in the treble.

    One of the most common misconceptions about cables that use silver in their conductor make up is that they are inherently bright. We like using silver plated conductors and we believe that as long as they are used with the right insulation material, they actually carry an audio signal extremely accurately over a wide band width. To achieve this though, we think it is crucial to use either PTFE or FEP as an insulation material. Use these materials with silver plated conductors and the end result is an extremely neutral cable.

    The Chameleon VEE 3 combines these materials with a new design of RCA plug, improved shielding and a revised conductor geometry to produce an interconnect that we think offers a remarkable performance in terms of its cost. I use a long pair of these with a Creek headphone amplifier and I think they will suit your new headphone amplifier extremely well.

  • I am now changing from Harmonic Technology Fantasy speaker cable to Chord Signature. Signal cable I´m using today is also HT Truth link Chord cable XLR and RCA ? What to match with my system?

    Glad to hear that you are getting Chord Signature speaker cables. We know the Kudos speakers very well and like them very much. We have a pair of Super 10s that we use in our Dem Room quite a lot and we also supply Kudos with custom built Signature speaker links that they fit to their Titan loudspeakers, so we think Signature is a good choice.

    For interconnects I would suggest that you have a look at either the Chorus Reference or the Anthem Reference XLR cables. The Anthem in particular is generating a lot of good feedback from both our dealers and their customers, so these would be well worth having a listen to.

    For the phono stage, I would suggest that you have a look at the Chord Chameleon VEE 3 or the Chord Cobra VEE 3. The Chameleon in particular is very well suited to the Musical Fidelity phono stage and it would be a good match for your Hegal amplifier as well.

  • What's your recommendation for IC and loudspeaker cables? I prefer single wiring on loudspeaker!

    I would like to suggest two solutions. The first one would be to use Chord Crimson VEE 3 interconnects along with Carnival SilverScreen speaker cable. This we know is a combination that works very well with the Marantz CD and amplifier. It will give you a detailed and very coherent sound.

    The other choice would be to go for the Chord Cobra VEE 3 interconnect and this time in combination with Chord Rumour loudspeaker cable. This I think would be an interesting combination. The Cobra VEE 3 is a development of the Crimson VEE 3. The two cables are very similar in terms of design but where the Crimson VEE 3 uses copper conductors, the Cobra VEE 3 uses silver plated conductors in combination with FEP (a variation of PTFE) insulation. Rumour also uses silver plated conductors with PTFE insulation and is a speaker cable that we think suits Tannoy speakers rather well. This combination of cables will give you greater levels of detail, improved dynamics and a greater sense of musical coherence.

    I am also going to send you a document that details the best way to connect single wire speaker cable to bi-wireable speakers.

  • I'm looking for a speaker cable and an XLR-interconnect cable to use between the pre-amplifier and the power amplifier.

    We have a CP-800 and a CP-2200 here that we use in our Dem Room so these are components that we know well. I have to say that we had the CP-800 and the CP-2200 in the Dem Room when we were listening to Sarum Tuned ARAY XLR interconnects and we felt that the improvements to every element of musical performance were some of the most dramatic we had ever heard. I would suggest that you contact our Swedish distributor; he will be happy to help you have a listen. I hope that you do, musically the Tuned ARAY cable brings profound improvements.

  • Most suitable speaker cable and analogue connections for this setup

    I would suggest that you talk to your local dealer and see if he can lend you a set of Chord Odyssey speaker cable to have a listen to. This will work well with the Superuniti and is a very good match for the B&W CM7s. The Superuniti has RCA outputs so you could use a pair of Crimson VEE 3 RCA cables. The Crimson VEE 3 has excellent shielding and this makes it particularly suited for the longer runs typically required for subwoofers.

  • Please would you suggest which of your interconnects would be most suited for use: 1) between the Phono Stage and Pre amp and 2) between the CD player and pre amp.The Naim pre amp has a DIN input as you probably know but I do have an adaptor so RCA to RCA is also viable.I live in South Africa however you could deliver to my sister in the UK and she will bring the goods to me when she visits me in mid-May. Or you could suggest a supplier over here.

    Whenever possible, we would suggest avoiding the use of adaptors and our new Cobra VEE 3 cable is available in RCA to DIN configuration and works particularly well with Naim Audio amplifiers. I would suggest that this would be a very good cable to use with both the CD player and also the phono stage. I think that currently we do not have a distributor in South Africa but if your sister would like to contact us, we could put her in touch with a retailer in the UK.

  • Is it possible to fit new banana plugs to this cable. The dogs pushed over a speaker and broke 2 ends.

    Dear Paul,

    Sorry to hear that. It's not a problem, we can fit replacement banana plugs. Please can you contact and he will be able to let you know the cost and the procedure.

    With best regards

    Nigel Finn

  • Has the Chord Prodac Digital cable changed direction?

    In line with our philosophy of constant improvement and product evolution, we have developed a more efficient central signal conductor in the Chord Prodac Pro Digital. For many years the central conductor has been produced from ultra-cast copper. The Prodac Pro Digital now uses a higher purity, single crystal copper conductor. While there are no visible changes to the cable, we think you'll like the way it sounds. Following extensive listening tests, we achieved the optimum performance when the cable was installed so that the print on the outer jacket runs in the opposite direction to the signal. To make this clear, we have fitted a directional arrow to the cable approximately 50mm from the source termination. The cable should be installed so that this arrow points away from the source component. The directional arrow will also allow you to correctly identify the new version of the Prodac Pro Digital.

  • Does speaker cable need to be used in equal lengths?

    Different lengths of speaker cable will mean that the amplifier will be driving a different electrical load on each channel. This is extremely unlikely to cause any damage but it would be worth checking with the manufacturer of your amplifier before doing so. Whether or not different lengths of cable will have an audible effect on the sound is much harder to answer. We have carried out listening tests using different lengths of speaker cable and have been unable to notice any difference. The lengths we used were three and five metres and six and ten metres. As long as the lengths are not wildly different there should not be a problem.

  • How much should I spend on cables for my system?

    The answer always used to be that you should spend about 10% of the cost of the system on cables. These days it is not so simple. We regularly demonstrate our complete range of cables (from entry level to high end) by fitting them to surprisingly inexpensive systems. The improvements are very easy to hear. Again, talk to your retailer and if you can, borrow the cables he recommends and try them out for yourself. One of the most common problems we come across concerns speaker cables. Because of the lengths required a lot of people choose a relatively inexpensive cable. Over 70% of requests for help we receive are solved by recommending a speaker cable upgrade. Be prepared to spend some money on speaker cable, the improvements will more than justify the outlay.

  • When I change the cables, will I be able to hear real differences?

    Yes. Whilst there is a good argument that the human ear will adapt very quickly to changes to tonal balance, changes to the dynamics and timing will have a profound effect on your reaction to, involvement with and ultimately your enjoyment of a piece of music.

    The amount of detail (or information) in a recording can be quite astonishing. Take a look at the section above (Will I be able to hear real differences?), then imagine a twelve string guitar fitted with new strings, recorded and then re-recorded playing the same piece of music another nine times. Actually there is no need to imagine it, The Waterboys did just this on This is the Sea from the album This is the Sea. It would be wrong to suggest that there is a magic cable that will allow you to hear every one of the one hundred and twenty ringing, jangling and resonating strings that contribute to such an enormous and epic sound, but a properly designed cable fitted to a good system will help to convey the epic nature of the track. A cable also needs to be able to transmit the very low level ambient detail that lets sound exist in its own space; regardless of how good the system, a poor cable will simply lose or mask a lot of this detail.

  • Why should I consider changing the cables on my hi-fi, cinema or games system?

    Cables are as important a part of a hi-fi or home cinema/entertainment system as the components and speakers. They transfer audio and visual information between the various components in your system. For your system to perform at its full potential it is critical that the information is transferred as accurately as possible

  • Which is the best digital link - co-axial or optical?

    Do co-axial and optical cables sound the same? And if they don't, then which one is better? There are good reasons to think that optical cables will outperform their coaxial counterparts. There is no direct electrical connection between the two components and this should really help. When it comes down to it though, in almost every case, the coaxial connection produces the better sound: better detail, better dynamics and a more coherent and involving sound. There are (as always) exceptions. read more

  • Which is best? - XLR or RCA phono connections (if my amp gives me a choice?)

    It's very easy to assume that if your equipment has both XLR and RCA connections, the XLR connections are going to be the better sounding connection. It's not always the case.

  • Is there a maximum length for speaker cable?

    In an ideal world, speaker cables should be kept as short as is practically possible. In terms of our own range of speaker cables, lengths of 15 plus metres have been successfully used. The real problem with long runs of cable is expense. Ideally, if you need to use long runs of speaker cable, you need to use a high quality cable in order to minimise signal loss and the problem of course is that high quality cables are significantly expensive. So we find ourselves in the awkward position of recommending expensive cables for systems that require long runs of cable. It really is worth giving some thought to the position of your components in relation to your speakers in order to keep speaker cable runs to a reasonable (affordable) length.

  • Should I use bi-wire or single wire speaker cable?

    There isn't an easy answer and the best option is to discuss this with the retailer you bought your system from. The performance of some amplifiers can be adversely affected if bi-wire cable is used, so your retailer's advice will be really useful. We've spent a lot of time experimenting with single and bi-wire speaker cables and came to the following conclusion. If you have a fixed budget, spend it on good quality single wire cable rather than a cheaper bi-wire cable. This can only be a general rule and there will be exceptions so we really do recommend talking to your retailer.

  • If I fit single wire speaker cable to a bi-wireable speaker, what inputs on the speaker should I use?

    General consensus has it that it is best to use the treble inputs as this should produce the best sound. That said, it is worth experimenting. We find that fitting the positive to the treble input and the negative to the bass can produce a more coherent sound. Whilst on this subject it is worth mentioning the gold-plated brass links that connect the bass and treble inputs on the back of a bi-wireable speaker. With the odd exception, these flat, gold-plated links will be found on almost every bi-wireable speaker. Removing these and replacing them with either short runs of the speaker cable you are using, or better still, fitting a purpose made set of links (Chord Signature Speaker Links) can dramatically improve the performance of the speakers.

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