Album Review: Lucy Rose “Like I Used To”

Album Review: Lucy Rose “Like I Used To”


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Spent a lot of time on hold with Vodafone recently and I’m not sure how they manage or rotate their hold music as every time I got to hear an impossibly catchy tune by Lucy Rose, so much so that I had to get the album.

“Like I Used To” was largely recorded at her parents’ home and the local village hall.  I know,  I know, how many more singer-songwriters are there out there? And how do we get to hear them when there are so many of them competing for your attention?  And when are record companies going to stop mastering everything so damn loud? Especially when “Like I Used To” is full of rather lovely, very thoughtful and delicate songs.

So it’s the quieter songs like “Night Bus” that tend to be the most accessible and let you hear just what a good voice Lucy has. The musical arrangements are as delicate and as thoughtful as the songs, and unusual as well. If “Like I Used To” hadn’t been mastered quite so hot there would have been real contrast and drama but in truth, even the quiet bits are loud and the loud bits too loud.

Despite this though, there’s a lot to like here; original songs, a lovely voice and intriguing musical arrangements.   Full of very catchy songs though, so give it some time.  Nigel Finn

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