Album Review: Israel Nash “Israel Nash’s Rain Plans”

Album Review: Israel Nash “Israel Nash’s Rain Plans”


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Loose – VJCD213 (2013)

What’s happening right now?  Nothing new.

Interesting times musically, as Americana spreads its net ever-wider to encompass what really is becoming a wildly diverse range of music.  Then there’s the new folk movement.  The thing is, if you’re of a certain age then lots of this music is going to be sounding rather new and exciting. However, if you’re (how do I put this politely?) a little bit older, it’s hard not to come to the conclusion that you’ve heard an awful lot of this before.   There is though something rather special going on right now, regardless of age.  Lots of bands are going back to recording the way bands used to, back when 24 tracks on two inch tape was the best (is the best?) it got.  If there’s a new movement right now then it’s the referencing of some of the great early seventies bands, particularly the likes of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young (particularly Young): a little bit country, a little bit rock and a little bit folk.  “Israel Nash’s Rain Plans” is a really good listen, and I mean it no injustice when I say it’s an instantly comfortable and welcoming collection of songs.

Listen to “Who In Time” and yes, you’ve heard that chord progression before.  Doesn’t stop it sounding good though, and it comes down to Israel Nash having a great group of musicians around him, and a constant one as well.  This is a band, they’re tight and they’re good.  Israel Nash is a very fine singer as well.  Songs are built round an in-groove mix of acoustic and electric guitars and those into really cool riffs and guitar tones are going to love the sounds on Israel Nash’s Rain Plans” . There’s a very tasteful pedal steel guitar and that’s about it.  Hey it’s a guitar band; and somehow they don’t seem to happen as much as they used to.  Songs on this album have a very live and of-the-moment feel to them, and the title track?  Well that’s the sound of a great bunch of musicians rocking out together, it’s glorious to hear it build and pick up tempo as it finds its grooves.  It’s the sound of musicians looking and listening to each other and it’s brilliant, classic and timeless.  You could be playing this in ten years’ time and still getting off on the songs and the musicianship.  Buy it and it’s likely to live on your player for some sweet time.  Nigel Finn

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